“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver Trolled over His New Exchange on Twitter

By Tabassum
Published August 31, 2019 Updated August 31, 2019
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Crypto Community Criticizes God Father over New Exchange on Bitcoin.Com 

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver Trolled over His New Exchange on Twitter

By Tabassum
Published August 31, 2019 Updated August 31, 2019

Roger Ver, the man behind the famous domain “Bitcoin.com” and a firm believer of Bitcoin Cash has become the subject of numerous trolls on Twitter by the crypto community 2 days before the launch of his new exchange. The crypto community collectively declared their lack of trust in his new crypto exchange on Bitcoin.com and called him a tremendous bellend, Soulless fiat human and whatnot. 

Roger Ver’s Controversial Bitcoin Exchange

The controversial @Bitcoin Twitter account shared a tweet that compares Roger Ver’s new exchange with MtGox. MtGox is a failed bitcoin exchange from Japan which went bankrupt in 2014. MtGox, at one point, was the world’s largest crypto exchange which later became the victim of a theft in which nearly 850,000 bitcoins were stolen from its wallet. Hence, it’s understandable for the crypto community to treat any entity related to the exchange with distrust.

Coming to Roger Ver who earned the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” years ago when he supported Bitcoin, is soon launching the new cryptocurrency exchange on the domain “Bitcoin.com”. As per reports, the new exchange will go live on September 2nd, Monday. The exchange will reportedly support top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB).


Community’s View on Ver’s New Exchange

@Bitcoin Twitter account, which recently took a new twist by ditching BCH support and began supporting Bitcoin, tweeted about Roger Ver’s exchange and asked the community;

roger ver

It is evident that the crypto community is far from pleased and excited about the launch of this new exchange as they are not leaving any stone unturned to express their distrust of the exchange and their annoyance with Ver’s decision to launch it.

roger ver exchange
Source: Twitter

This is just a glimpse of the comments on the @Bitcoin thread. There are more comments saying –

‘He is a spoiler’


‘he’ll manage to scam even more people than he already has during the last 2+ years’

‘Mini-Craig Wright galloping to the same destiny. Soulless fiat human’

In contrast, there are a very few users who have expressed positivity about this update. A few comments read as follows;

‘I just love what @rogerkver does for space! I am not just a bitcoin disciple but I stand for all true cryptos’

‘I feel pretty ok about it’ and very rare tweets that sound assenting.

New Exchange Will be Wash Trade for BCH

As Ver is a fervent follower of Bitcoin Cash, a few observers stated that the exchange intends to widen the reach of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). A Twitter user wrote –

“The main purpose of that exchange will be wash trade for BCH, one of the shitcoins. He’ll shill about low fee on #BCH. If 1 have to use BCH jst bcoz of its low transaction fee… What do you think about using any ALTs with better volume than BCH? Atleast, it will have liquidity.”

A twitter user on @Bitcoin tweet of Ver noticed how Bitcoin.com mentioned “Buy Bitcoin” which had set the default option to Bitcoin Cash, thereby misleading users.

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, just a day after announcing the launch of the new exchange, Roger Ver stepped down from CEO position of Bitcoin.com and revealed that the tech entrepreneur Stefan Rust will be the new Chief Executive Officer. This development created further skepticism among the crypto community about Ver’s exchange.

Given the reactions of the crypto community to the new exchange, it does not seem very likely that Ver will be able to launch his exchange successfully. But this too, is a conjecture. This new exchange is a Schrodinger’s cat whose fate will be known only after the launch.

Image Source – Wired


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