4JNET’s Potential Attracts Many of New Participants Before its Launch

By Stan Peterson
November 30, 2021 Updated November 30, 2021

As 4JNET’s countdown to open exchange inches closer to its end, the positive buzz around this unique project does not seem to cool down. For those who have not yet heard of 4JNET, it is a budding crypto project that originated in the U.S. and is all about benefiting early investors. It is competing with some of the top-tier meme-based cryptocurrencies like ShibaInu, Dogecoin, and others. 4JNET is based on blockchain technology and offers an innovative investment opportunity that rewards both early and long-term supporters of the project.

Reasons, why investors should consider participating in 4JNET’s future, are as follows;

  1. 4JNET is creating an encrypted token that operates through a revolutionary mechanism in a Non-fungible token ecosystem. This particular token would be launching on Dec 1, 2021.
  2. 4JNET has already made quite a name for itself in the previous month when the project’s limited edition NFTs were sold during pre-sale.
  3. 4JNET token mechanism is based on complete “fairness”. The project team calls it “the pinnacle of fairness”. Its supply would depreciate with time and thus stabilize the value of the encrypted tokens as they become scarce.
  4. NFT holders would be able to get a reduction of 3% service charge that would help them during the early phase but that is not all. Limited edition NFT cards also make up for 30% of all 4JNET tokens issued as a reward.
  5. The pre-sale price is 1bnb, and the price of 3bnb will be restored after 4jnet goes open. Before publishing the article, 3446 out of 5,000 were sold.

About 4JNET:                                                                           

4JNET is a cryptocurrency project involving limited edition NFT cards and a unique kind of encrypted tokens that allow long-term and first-time investors to benefit from its fair launch that is scheduled for December 1.  In order to prevent the use of bots to purchase illegally, the handling fee is set high specifically.

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