Over 60% of Bitcoin (BTC) in Dormant Addresses Since Dec 2018

By Lujan Odera
Published December 2, 2019 Updated December 2, 2019
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Over 60% of Bitcoin (BTC) in Dormant Addresses Since Dec 2018

By Lujan Odera
Published December 2, 2019 Updated December 2, 2019

Bitcoin HODLERs remain unmoved despite the price growing over 100% in 2019, as BTC held in dormant addresses crosses over the 11-million mark.

The explosive growth in Bitcoin’s price relative to the dollar over the course of 2019, from $3,500 levels in January to a current price of $7,300 USD as at time of writing, represents a magnanimous 108% increase in less than 335 days. The soaring price, especially following the crypto winter of 2018 that capitulated over 90% of the crypto’s value from highs of $19,000 USD, should have caused intense selling pressure on BTC through the year but as data shows, HODLers remain solid on the future of the digital coin.

Over 11 Million BTC (62% of Circulating Volume) Remain Unmoved in a Year

One crypto enthusiast on Twitter pointed out that 11.6 million BTC tokens, roughly $85 billion USD using current rates, remained unmoved in the past year despite the hiking prices. A visit to the charts on Bitcoin Info Charts, reveals a growth over 5.3 million BTC across dormant addresses, the fastest growth yet in the course of a year.

According to data collected on Bitcoininfocharts, close to 11.6 million BTC remain unmoved in the past year as the number grew to all-time highs. In the past two years, the number of BTC coins held up in dormant addresses has exponentially grown from 7.72 million BTC to over 17 million BTC as at the time of writing, signaling an increasing interest in HODLing BTC.

The top dormant address (183hmJGRuTEi2YDCWy5iozY8rZtFwVgahM) has a total of 85,947 BTC locked, worth over $622 million USD. This represents 0.47% of the total supply of BTC.

Despite the spike in price by 108%, in the past year the number of coins moved remains insignificant showing the use of BTC as digital gold is on the rise.

While BTC is increasingly gaining rapport as digital gold, as a store of value, there remains concerns on the real use of BTC. In Satoshi’s paper, BTC is supposed to act as a peer to peer currency but it is yet to materialize given the scalability and regulation challenges.


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