888Tron Dapp displays Tron’s supremacy by clocking 25 transactions per second

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Gambling apps have been one of the key drivers of Tron’s rise in Dapp ecosystem world. While Tron has some stellar gambling apps, 888Tron has been a completely out of the league has the Dapp has not just performed well but also has broken records and achieved feats unmatchable.

The Dapp has paid more than 9.5 million dollars as dividends

Tron has been racing ahead in the race of Dapp ecosystem thanks to some amazing apps that are achieving new heights day by day. One such amazing Dapp that has achieved great feats is 888tron.com. 888tron.com is a decentralized game platform built on the basis of the blockchain TRON.Network. Its users have the opportunity not only to play and earn money but also to become co-owners of this business. The platform was created for crypto enthusiasts who believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are our best future. While the future is still unknown, the Dapp is already giving its best in the present.

Since the launch of the platform, the 888tron.com team has done a great job in achieving some great results. This includes

  • The Dapp is the first in the history, completely decentralized slot game has been launched
  • The Dapp has an automated token burning program has been developed;
  • The Dapp’s new platform which now allows users to add new games and functionality integrate products from the third-party developers specializing in DApp applications and traditional server solutions
  • The Dapp offers a fully decentralized European roulette with a track, allowing to bet from 10 to 20,000 TRX per number. The team also plans to realize the possibility of a collective game of roulette and baccarat.

While the Dapp already had some amazing achievements in its name, it was March 2019 when the app actually achieved some unique record

  • The amount of one-time paid dividends is ~ 6 million US dollars.
  • The number of transactions processed by the smart contract reached 25 transactions per second.
  • For 4 months of work, the turnover of the platform was more than 350 million dollars. 888 tokens holders were paid more than 9.5 million dollars as dividends.
  • The record number of bets made in the DApp application is more than 150 million dollars a day and more than 250 million dollars a week.
  • The 888tron.com platform accounted for more than 40% of the total transaction volume of the Tron Network, and we have coped well with this load.

While these achievements were great, the story behind them this Dapp speaks about the superior technology and stellar team behind it. These include

  • unprecedented transparency and stability of the Smart Contracts created by the 888 team.
  • Professionalism and commitment of 888 team.
  • DAPP applications on the Tron network can withstand unprecedented workloads and operate at extremely high speeds. So the blockchain Tron has every chance of success in the field of entertainment content and gambling.
  • The number of dividends paid and the possibilities of the Tron network have attracted enormous attention from the entire crypto community and, in particular, to the developers and users of the EOS network, which will positively affect the development of the whole Tron blockchain in general.

While this covers the present, the Dapp has some strong foresight for the future as well. This includes

  • Launch of a decentralized Baccarat game with an interesting design, a wide choice of side bets, features for players.
  • Launch of Video poker which is is a poker game on the principle of a gaming machine, a classic of all American casinos that does not lose its relevance.
  • The platform also plans to launch a 3D Dice – a dice game that has no analogs in the world in terms of game mechanics and visualization, as well as high coefficients for winning.
  • Draw lottery 4 of 20 and 5 of 36 with variable rates and a large prize pool.
  • The platform also plans to bring in Poker.  After thorough market research and consultation with representatives of well-known poker operators, the 888 team began to create a new poker product, which is based on the popular Texas and Omaha poker games. Fast cash games, big prize funds will be available to players, and problems of unfair games will be solved. Taking into account the support of large online sites on the integration of this product, the expected number of users worldwide will be more than 1 million people.

The team has some ambitious plans in place and now it’s the implementation that will be viewed keenly. If the team is able to pull out this addition one can be sure the 888tron.com may just become one the greatest casino app in the country.

Will 888tron.com be able to achieve greatness by being the No 1 gambling Dapp in the world.? Do let  us know your views on the same

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