Adroverse, An Evolving Metaverse Raises $3 Million In Public Funding

The world of Metaverse is reaching far and wide after getting support from tech giants like Facebook. Many crypto projects have also joined the bandwagon by combining the thrill of Metaverse and the value of Play2Earn blockchain gaming. But not many have recorded success while still being in their nascent stage except for Adroverse.

Overview of the Project

Adroverse is a unique decentralized Metaverse offered as a free2play and a play2earn opportunity. It has made quite a name for itself in the market recently. It is a popular blockchain-based video game and application set in a separate galaxy of the same name. Adroverse has its storyline and a wide range of fictional characters.  Things that make Adroverse, a pioneer are its applications and technology which is the foundation of its Metaverse.

Adroverse offers:

  • Social network

As expected from a Metaverse of thoroughly designed game characters with a unique storyline of their own, Adroverse is offering social networking beyond gaming opportunities. After release, there will be a feature available for players to use and socialize.

  • Crypto earnings

The Adroverse team aims to become more than a play2earn game but create a digital commodity economy that consists of “citizens”. These citizens will be able to trade, produce digital goods, commercial business, DeFi as well as other gaming activities to earn crypto.

  • Adventure games

Adroverse team is developing next-generation blockchain-based games that support play2earn and are free2play while being easy2learn.

Details of the Successful Fundraiser

Owing to its popularity, original storyline, and ambitious roadmap, Adroverse has recently made headlines after raising a total of $3 million during a public funding round. The successful fundraiser has strengthened the trust of various investors in this project in the long run. Additionally, Adroverse’s token ADR launched IDO on SafeLaunch and BinStarter where it sold out in as little as 30 minutes.

What’s exciting about this particular public fundraiser is the fact that Adroverse managed to capture the attention of Vietnamese market participants and companies within the gaming industry. Now the project has the honor to call several famous investors as its backers. Below are all venture capital funds that chose to invest in Adroverse:

  • MH Ventures is known as a world-class venture capital that is community-backed and focuses on leading blockchain projects.
  • Bullperks is a decentralized community of venture capitalists that invest in some of the best projects and offer a multi-chain launchpad.
  • Trustpad, dubbed as the safest multi-chain IDO launchpad works as a decentralized fundraising platform.
  • HUB Global, a blockchain-based VC located in Vietnam run by notable crypto entrepreneurs.
  • Shima International Investment Funds, the reputed global investment fund active in the Silicon Valley as well as Asia with traditional VC expertise in broad businesses.
  • Funverse (by Funtap), is one of the fastest-growing tech companies serving as a blockchain-centric VC fund.
  • AceStarter(aka Appota),supporting crypto projects on a global scale via its next-gen launchpad.
  • And DCI, a venture capital fund investing in pioneering blockchain projects.

What’s next for Adroverse?

Adroverse project is garnering positive feedback from the community and investment from its backers mainly because it promises to turn adventure gaming into a source of income for all participants. This has worked quite well for previous play2earn giants like Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity which became a phenomenon in the past few years by allowing players to generate passive income while playing a blockchain-based fun game for hours.

Adroverse will offer players games and software to simulate the evolution of its fictional galaxy also called the Adroverse. In this Metaverse, players will have teammates, a strong economy, family, and an opportunity to build their space cities within the Adroverse galaxy.

The community can expect the Adroverse team to launch the first-ever NFT Farming event on March 24th as well as Tentative Game Testnet in April month. For more information, visit

About Adroverse:

Adroverse is a perfect combination of gaming Metaverse with a play2earn opportunity where players and other participants can take advantage of the game’s robust economy. ADR is the native crypto of Adroverse galaxy which has already been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinVote, CoinMooner, and CoinSniper.

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