AGA Finance Launches A Carbon-Neutral Token and NFT With 1 WBTC Giveaway

By Stan Peterson
Published June 22, 2021 Updated June 22, 2021
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AGA Finance

AGA Finance Launches A Carbon-Neutral Token and NFT With 1 WBTC Giveaway

By Stan Peterson
Published June 22, 2021 Updated June 22, 2021

SEATTLE 22 JUN: AGA Finance, mining backed yield farming protocol is auctioning a green NFT, along with 1 WBTC mined net-zero, to celebrate strides in its CarbonNeutral® initiative. AGA has collaborated with Seattle artist Electric Coffin and curation portal, Phosphene, to bring the regenerative NFT to life. A regenerative NFT powered by a regenerative miner, AGA hopes to reverse the effects of mining across the small-mid cap industry.

As part tangible leaps toward it’s 2025 sustainability plans, AGA’s mining operation is not only challenging the industry standard itself, recently securing net-zero CarbonNeutral® accreditation but also developing a standard by which small-medium cap miners can become net-zero.

“We’re serious about our role as custodians of the planet and giving eco-conscious investors a way to earn a passive income. CarbonNeutral® certification of our bitcoin and liquidity mining is just one part of the mission. Our vision to develop a standard so small-medium cap miners can be recognized as net-zero carbon ensures a sustainable future across the industry,” said Tomasz Wojewoda AGA CEO.

How carbon neutrality is baked into AGA Finance

  • Accreditation
  • New AGAc-AGAcr tokens (explainer here)
    • AGAc-AGAcr will build a pool of capital for renewable energy funding. Funds will be used to build a renewable infrastructure to house others’ mining operations.
    • This renewable infrastructure will also be utilized in the migration of both existing and new AGA miners as we work towards a 100% renewable energy goal.
    • Presently, a portion of the pool will be used to purchase carbon removal assets to offset currently unavoidable carbon emissions for both AGA and other miners as AGA builds the infrastructure to transition themselves and others to 100% renewable energy sources.
  • 2025 mission
    • AGA mining operations are conducted at significantly lower environmental costs compared to the rest of the open market, with the goal of eliminating all carbon and removing the need for carbon removals by 2025.

AGA’s very first CarbonNeutral® wrapped bitcoin is included with the auction

To celebrate, AGA is giving away its first net-zero WBTC (valued at $34,513 at time of publishing) with the (1/1) Electric Coffin NFT auction, minted net-zero carbon.

View the NFT here

“We used the laser eyes of the polar bear as an endorsement of mining bitcoin, to challenge the polarising views that crypto is net-bad for the environment. We took inspiration from Ecuador’s geothermal news to signify the explosive and regenerative change we’re seeing within the space closer-to-home, as we look up at Mount Rainer and all the promising NFT projects we’re involved in,” said Duffy De Armas, Electric Coffin.

“Electric Coffin’s NFT packs a punch viscerally, with purpose, and does it with a smile. We wanted to work with partners, equally passionate about pushing crypto’s sustainability conversation forward. We want to push the boundaries of sustainable mining, and what better way to do that through a regenerative NFT and token working towards carbon neutrality,” said Sarah May, CMO AGA Finance.

Save the date

The auction goes live on Foundation 24th June, and is live for just 24 hours. Minted and auctioned net-zero, complete with 1 WBTC giveaway, mined net-zero CarbonNeutral®.

All emissions from this sale and the 1 WBTC mined has been offset by credits purchased by AGA Finance.

Follow along on Twitter for live auction updates

For press enquiries contact [email protected]

View NFT video and NFT image

About AGA

AGA is Mining Backed, High APY – DeFi, Governance Token with monthly rewards supported by Bitcoin and Liquidity mining. Tokens earn monthly rewards and are used for governance. Proceeds from sale of AGA Tokens are invested into mining equipment and liquidity. Profits from mining are used to fund monthly rewards and buy-back AGA Tokens.

About Electric Coffin

Electric Coffin is a Seattle based collaborative artist group exploring the intersection of art and commerce. Electric Coffin’s work is a combination of irreverent mashups of advertising ephemera, kitschy slogans, logos and copy, animal mascots, and punk color sensibilities that, rather than just being the usual sledgehammer statement about the modern world’s slavish devotion to consumer driven lifestyles and weird nostalgia for items aggressively marketed to us in our youth, surreptitiously turns it all around on it’s head to use empty ad drivel to speak to genuine explorations of the questing spirituality of humanity.

About Phosphene

Phosphene is a curated portal offering regenerative NFTs. Phosphene curates artwork from mid-career and Impact oriented artists and musicians and sell them on relevant NFT marketplaces. Phosphene believe that there is a real market to serve collectors who share the same Impact values and want to collect unique artworks by recognized artists.


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