AirBit Club: A platform without borders

By Achal Arya
Published May 14, 2020 Updated May 14, 2020
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AirBit Club: A platform without borders

By Achal Arya
Published May 14, 2020 Updated May 14, 2020

When traditional businesses have to stop their operations, the traditional economy can be affected by a lack of physical connectivity by following both national and international precautionary recommendations. Despite the heavy economic loss that many organizations are going through, there are businesses that promise to be the tools for financial recovery. An example is AirBit Club, which is located in more than 160 countries and has more than 1.9 million members, the premise of this club is that it is a business that goes beyond the borders of the traditional economy. AirBit Club is a community that spreads across the world, members must use online media and conduct many of their trainings and meetings through webinars and social media. 

 Members can continue to work and generate profits through the Internet, helping to keep the national and world economy from coming to a complete halt. In addition to these benefits, AirBit Club also focuses on the digital economy of cryptocurrencies that are unconnected to a central entity, so that when they are affected by crises, cryptocurrencies can continue their normal operation.

However, in times of crisis, people tend to look for alternatives to traditional businesses and economies that can be affected by situations such as those being experienced with COVID-19. Thus, digital communities such as the AirBit Club are not affected by strong security measures such as border closings or social distancing. Investing in cryptocurrencies or digital businesses has many benefits that can be more obvious in difficult times and that stands out when people’s incomes are stagnant due to safety and health problems.

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