Algebra DEX Releases Alpha Version

By Stan Peterson
November 15, 2021 Updated November 15, 2021, an innovative DEX based on the Polygon network, has announced the launch of its Alpha version on November 15.

Algebra Is All Set to Launch

In an announcement made on Twitter, the DEX platform has confirmed the date on which they will be launching their alpha version. On November 15, the platform will be open to users who can begin exploring its main functionality – innovative built-in liquidity farming and swaps with adaptive fees. Along with that, Algebra promises the support of deflationary tokens trading, which is not yet provided by any other DEX, and offers its own token $ALGB available for buying via, Sushiswap and 

The platform is built on Polygon and already received a grant from Polygon, along with support from major VCs like LD, NGC Ventures, Gains Associates, DCI, GTA, and others. It works with existing DeFi instruments and provides its users with the maximum functionality of all the similar services on the market enabling crypto enthusiasts across the globe to stake their tokens in return for lucrative interest.

Its main mission is to utterly reinvent DEXs as we know them by incorporating brand new features into the ecosystem. On top of such game-changing features as built-in farming and fees curve, Algebra introduces newly improved liquidity pools, automated limit orders and multi-chain integration in the near future. Together, it gives an entirely new approach to DEXs, granting more smooth experience and profitable investments due to best conditions for liquidity providers and traders. 

Algebra’s team is formed by experienced managers who have already launched successful projects: MyWish, the leading smart contract builder supporting 9 blockchains, and, a DEX aggregator and a multichain swap protocol which allows swapping 9500+ tokens on and between 8 blockchains in one click. 

Algebra is designed to make it profitable for all bidders to use DEX

– Cover impermanent loss and make liquidity retention conditions more attractive

– Provide an optimal size of the commission which would satisfy both liquidity providers and traders

– Create an opportunity for projects on the Polygon network to increase their attractiveness for liquidity providers and investors with the help of liquidity farming

– Provide additional income opportunities for liquidity providers

ALGB Token

On October 28, the team behind Algebra released its ALGB token with a max supply of 750,000,000 ALGB. The ALGB governance token will be used for voting, making proposals, accepting projects for its LaunchPad, bootstrapping, incentivization and platform fee distribution. It is available for purchase on itself, Sushiswap and

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