Ardor Coin [ARDR] Spikes by 46% After The Release of Its Road-Map

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 12, 2019 Updated March 12, 2019
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Ardor Coin [ARDR] Spikes by 46% After The Release of Its Road-Map

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 12, 2019 Updated March 12, 2019

Jelurida, the developing team behind NXT and Ardor cryptocurrency based Dapps platforms, has recently released its Road Map for 2019.

The USP of the Ardor Blockchain Platform is the ‘child chain’ implementation. Child chain introduces a new blockchain for any asset designed on the ardor platform. Hence, the chain can be operated independently according to the ‘smart contract’ conditions coded for it. Since the chain operates separately, it can also execute ‘zero-fee’ secure transactions. Currently. it is not possible on Ethereum as all the ERC-20 or ERC-1155 make use of ‘Gas’ on the Ethereum network to execute ‘smart contracts.’

Highlights of the 2019 RoadMap

Ardor is one of the most advanced and ‘easy to use’ cryptocurrency in the market. The 2019 Road Map outlines the introduction of groundbreaking updates on the Blockchain. It includes an open source Java Development Kit (JDK), as ‘smart contracts’ on Ardor can be coded using Java.

Furthermore, Q3 and Q4 have been dedicated to testing and release of ‘pruning and snapshot’ method. It is designed to reduce the load on the Blockchain by allowing independent, outside the main chain contract validation.

‘Shamir Secret Sharing’ is similar to multi-sig wallets. The passphrase which is used as a secret key for the Ardor Platform and as a digital signature to send transactions can cryptographically split. A combination of some of them is enough to verify the operation.

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It will also add support for running a full node on any android device. Therefore, a client can forge and earn Ardor coins just at the ‘palm of his hands.’

ARdor Coin (ARDR) Price Jump

The price of the Ardor cryptocurrency has shown a sudden jump with the announcement of positive developments in the roadmap. The 24-hour volume of Ardor has increased 3-4 fold in hours. The price instantly gained 46% on BTC. Moreover, the rise in cost can be mostly attributed to the release of Roadmap which does not necessarily increase business for the cryptocurrency. Hence, there is a possibility of profit booking rather than buying going by the market sentiments.

Ardor price
Volume Spike on Ardor on 12 March 2019 (

However, on the 7-day chart of ARDR/BTC a break out from the triangle can is indicated which suggests that the breakout might turn bullish in the coming days.

rdor price
ARDR/BTC 7-Day chart on Bittrex

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