Artyfact: Combining GameFi And Web 3.0 In An Interactive Metaverse Inspired By Cyberpunk

By Stan Peterson
April 11, 2022 Updated April 11, 2022

The digital world is expanding at an extraordinary rate and giving rise to concepts like Metaverse which has become a global trend in tech. With the emergence of next-gen blockchain projects, it is clear to see that Metaverse is going to be a driving force for upcoming best-performers within the crypto industry. Artyfact has arrived in this scene as a pioneer that brings high-quality graphics that you can find in AAA games along with unique possibilities.

Overview of the Project

The team of Artyfact aims to offer gamers, NFT artists, collectors, influencers, brands, event creators and marketersvarious new opportunities. The project takes shape of an expansive virtual world existing in future where citizens can explore two types of areas:

  1. Urban

Urban areas are parts of the virtual world where citizens can purchase NFTs, avatars, digital clothes, virtual lands and properties, billboards for advertising, and more. Users can also attend events such as NFT exhibitions, concerts, meetings, runway shows, learning sessions, etc.

  1. Gaming

As the name suggests, the game areas are dedicated to the gaming aspect of the Artyfact project. In these areas users can play integrated play-to-earn games in the Artyfact metaverse. They will also be able to own game assets as NFTs and sell them.Some of the game genres include adventure, racing, and battle royals. In order to participate in the game users are required to make a contribution in the platform’s native token ARTY, and the winners will receive the prize pool.

Uniqueness of Artyfact

Besides the standard features of metaverses, such as purchasing lands and assets, using avatars, holding events etc., Artyfactmetaverse has some distinctive features or, one might even say, advantages.

  • Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Artyfact is built on the innovative game engine, Unreal Engine 5. This project is going to be the first GameFi metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5’s advanced technology. This engine provides the highest level of detail and immersion in the virtual world.

  • NFT games

Artyfact will be best-known for its exciting high-quality play-to-earn games that set it apart from other GameFi projects. In these AAA quality games, players can earn ARTY, the native token of the Artyfact metaverse.

  • 3D NFT marketplaces

Any NFT marketplace can be integrated in the Artyfact metaverse. In addition to this, urban areas in the Artyfat will have special zones for creation 3D NFT marketplaces, which will be the next-generation marketplaces for 3D NFTs.

  • VR support

Project will have a built-in VR support for more immersive experience. The user will be able to choose wich device to use for entering the Artyfact.

  • Virtual builboards

There will be a large number of billboards in the Artyfact metaverse. Owners of billboards will be able to earn money from advertising.

  • Features for influencers and brands

Project ecosystem will give the opportunity for influencers and brands to interact with their audience in a brand-new way. Artyfact opens up such possibilities as co-operative gaming, event sponsorship, virtual merch creation, and much more.

ARTY Token: $ARTY is a BEP-20 token based on the renowned blockchain of Binance Smart Chain that ensures fast transactions and low network fees. Below are a few utilities of the $ARTY token that increases its reliability:

  • Payment facilities

$ARTY is the basis of the internal currency system of Artyfact with a total available supply of 100 million units. Participants are allowed to use ARTY tokens to pay for anything you can purchase in the Artyfact.

  • Governance

As Artyfact is based on the very concept of decentralization, the $ARTY token holders are given the power to shape the future of the project. All changes within the Artyfact ecosystem can be voted in by using $ARTY.

  • Burning and other privileges

The smart contract of $ARTY consists of a token-burning mechanism through which the total number of tokens is reduced making the token deflationary. Several other benefits are available for staking members of the Artyfact community.

  • Staking rewards

Staking rewards are provided to Artyfact ecosystem participants who stake their $ARTY tokens. There is a reward pool that distributes funds to each one of the stakers of $ARTY tokens quarterly based on the number of tokens held in their wallets. Holding $ARTY tokens is sufficient for earning consistent passive income.

In addition to all of the aforementioned attributes, recently Artyfact has launched its awaited ICO on its launchpad.

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