BAT Token and Brave Browser Makes An Offer One Cannot Refuse

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 9, 2019 Updated March 9, 2019
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BAT Token and Brave Browser Makes An Offer One Cannot Refuse

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 9, 2019 Updated March 9, 2019

BRAVE new browser and Basic Attention Token have introduced a revolutionary application of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Together they have launched the test version of their web browser that is privacy-centric and also earns rewards for its users.

The Brave New Browser is developed by the inventor of JavaScript, one of three imperative programming languages for web development, Brendon Eich. He also co-founds the Mozilla Foundation, Project and Corporation.

Privacy-Centric Reward Earning Browser Built on Blockchain

Brave coin offers 70% of the adds revenue to the user on clicking or viewing the add. Although not plentiful but a user stands a chance to earn $5 monthly in BAT tokens by just shifting to the BRAVE browser. Currently, these revenues are scammed by middlemen, hackers and unethical website owners.

The USP of the Brave browser is that blocks all current ads. The ads on the Brave browser works independently; the browser itself posts matching ads by its assessment of interests and doesn’t transmit any data back to the provider, other than the number of clicks on the ads. The ads also clog up the network hence reducing the speed of upload and download of useful data and information.

Recently, the creator of EOS Daniel Larimer also addressed the issue of data breach and privacy concerns due to cookies and adverts.

According to Brendon Eich:

“It loads pages two to four times faster than other smartphone browsers and 1.4 times faster than other browsers for personal computers.”

Price Analysis of BAT Token

Basic Attention Token has gained about 55% in a month. The price of BAT token at the time of writing is 0.2 dollars. At the current rate, the founder suggests that a user can make $5 monthly in BAT tokens just by shifting to this new secure browser.

BAT Coin
1D-chart of BAT/BTC on Bittrex (50,100,200 EMA and RSI indicator)

We can see a potential cross-over of the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with the 100-Day EMA, and the faster average (50-Day) has moved above, the slower (100-Day) average which indicate a long term bullish signal. However, the RSI is signal is just close to over-bought conditions (70 mark).


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