Belarus legalizes cryptocurrency and ICO’s as step to lure foreign investment

Belarus legalizes cryptocurrency and ICO’s
Belarus legalizes cryptocurrency and ICO’s

Belarus legalizes cryptocurrency and ICO’s as step to lure foreign investment

Major university launches crypto diploma courses

Why crypto and Blockchain courses?

The academia follows the market. The engineering courses in electronics and computers came as computers came in the market and it was realized that computer professionals will be needed in the market. Governments and private players see an opportunity and go about filling the market vacuum by introducing courses in schools, just about how technological advancements coupled with issues related to government regulated currencies gave rise to cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Launch of Crypto course at Belarus University

Recently a leading Belarus university in East Europe has debuted a diploma course in cryptocurrency which follows crypto’s legalization in Belarus. This has created a buzz as course inquiries from across the region are pouring in. Belarus agreed to the use of cryptocurrencies and exempted crypto related income from taxation for next ten years also. Obviously, this has come as a big boost for the future of the Bitcoin community in the country and the jobs in the sector are certain to multiply.

Let’s take a closer look at the content of the course and see how it’s different from the ones around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What the course covers?

The course covers cryptocurrency operations,” “future of cryptocurrency operations,” “Blockchain technology usage,” and “ICO as the new IPO’s”. The course duration is one year and eight months, and the fees is USD966 a year, which some say is quiet high. But a technology so trendy will require infrastructure and educators that will cost a lot.

What’s in the course apart from crypto topics?

The course addresses other investment and management related areas also along with crypto and Blockchain knowledge. It includes teaching stock market instruments like stocks, bonds etc. making it a course that will make you a complete market professional.

Don’t worry if you’re not in Belarus, here are few courses that you can take to hone up your blockchain skills.

Online crypto courses

If you already know about computers and investments, you may continue with your job and do a quick online course on Blockchain on e-tutorial websites like coursera and Khan Academy. This will give you a quick crash course on Blockchain and cryptocurrency and you can take the tutorials whenever you want.

College Degrees in crypto

If you need not just an online tutorial but a well-structured and designed graduate course, there are university courses for that too. Universities like Stanford University have launched Bitcoin and crypto courses couple years ago. While UC- Berkley, and MIT also offer same courses on Blockchains.

Increase in demand for blockchain and crypto related courses in the market

Blockchain technology today is the world’s most rapidly rising and expanding the industry. The goal of this technology is to raise the efficiency of every other industry, from banking, stocks, music, energy, record-keeping, and what not. It also targets to reduce costs incurred in these areas.



Just as the demand in Blockchain technology soars, it is followed by the demand from students for educational opportunities, giving them the opportunity to fulfill the demand and make their career into what is the future of the world for coming decades. The Companies are going to pay huge money to the well trained and qualified professionals and blockchain specialists, which makes it now one of the best choices for the industries to get into and the colleges as well as the students know it fully well, Belarus university is one such example.

Blockchain job’s on the rise and so are the job applications!

Linked ‘ins UK country manager Josh says Blockchain related jobs advertisements have gone up on the LinkedIn and are increasing at 40% per quarter and further adds-

“Professionals in related areas such as cryptography and machine learning may want to look at the roles available and the skills they need to develop, as there is certainly a growing demand within the technology, finance and insurance industries for Blockchain expertise.”

There are various universities all over the world that offer Blockchain and crypto related courses that keep track with the current market and make you a perfect college pass out to hit the market running. Also, a good student will find it very easy to land himself a decent internship opportunity for sure even before graduating- because the demand of professionals is more than the supply, making such courses one of the hottest in the market.  Princeton University and Duke University in America also offer excellent Blockchain courses that offer a promising career. Overall, a Blockchain degree is something whose value is set to rise exponentially with time for decades!

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