BEPRO Network Releases Developer Alpha for DeFi and NFT Codebase

By Achal Arya
Published May 11, 2021 Updated May 11, 2021
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BEPRO Network Releases Developer Alpha for DeFi and NFT Codebase

By Achal Arya
Published May 11, 2021 Updated May 11, 2021

BEPRO Network has released its alpha version of its decentralized marketplace for blockchain code, bringing together developers and entrepreneurs looking to launch decentralised applications in DeFi, NFTs, and prediction markets. BEPRO Network is positioning itself as the standard open source framework for Solidity and other smart contracting languages wrapped in easy to use Javascript libraries and modules. With BEPRO Network’s alpha release, developers can now open and solve issues for $BEPRO token bounties for decentralized development of dapps and other DeFi use-cases.

The Power of Open Source

BEPRO Network is tapping into the global network of developers who know and use Javascript to help them build out their blockchain codebase. As more and more developers join the network and add to and improve the codebase, the better the overall technology becomes. As an open source project, BEPRO Network taps into the power of the crowd, while the $BEPRO token acts as a coordination, curation and reward mechanism for development. 

Ethereum, Uniswap, and 0xProtocol are examples of projects that have used this business model of open source. BEPRO Network says that the code will be free and open for anyone to use, but custom built solutions, new code, technical support and audits all require $BEPRO tokens bounties to be paid for. As more and more code bounties are created and fulfilled, the amount of audited and open source BEPRO Network code ready to be used by the commons increases. This leads to the BEPRO Network codebase becoming more robust, open and useful over time. 

“The real limiting factor in the blockchain industry isn’t capital, marketing, or so-called ‘hype.’” Rui Teixeira, CEO and Tech Lead of BEPRO Network says.

“The real limiting factor and true currency of the cryptocurrency space is developers. The best open source blockchain projects like Ethereum, Polkadot and Uniswap understand this. Projects that attract the best developers to develop on their networks by providing the best codebase and tools are the ones that win. BEPRO Network is positioning itself as the go-to place for the best code for bootstrapping and launching your own business on blockchain, whether that’s in DeFi, NFTs, or other use-cases we haven’t even discovered yet.”

Currently, BEPRO Network’s alpha has over 200 developers actively contributing to its developer community and solving issues for $BEPRO bounties. The Lisbon, Portugal based company says that it wants to create the future of Web 3.0 by providing more and better DeFi solutions to the market. While developers can already visit and contribute to BEPRO Network’s Github and NPM pages, the technology will only be ready for mass use in mid 2021.

BEPRO Network to Become a DAO

The company plans to release the Beta version of their decentralised code marketplace in mid 2021, together with an interface to access the DAO and use $BEPRO tokens. The Network’s native token will drive an incentive system determining the tools, features, direction & reward distribution through the approval of merges and new features. The goal of this release is to deploy a specialised interface allowing developers and entrepreneurs to meet and exchange ideas and bounties more easily. Additional developer tools and an upgraded service system using $BEPRO tokens are also expected to launch at this time.

BEPRO Network will also release its codebase and marketplace as a full Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) by the end of the year. The goal is to enable developers, startups and entrepreneurs to interact freely without any middlemen. 

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.







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