Best Christmas Deals to Leverage with Crypto Cards

By Casper Brown
Published December 11, 2019 Updated December 11, 2019
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Best Christmas Deals to Leverage with Crypto Cards

By Casper Brown
Published December 11, 2019 Updated December 11, 2019

There are plenty of use cases springing around cryptocurrencies and crypto cards are just one of them. What’s best is that, as a crypto user, you can get every Christmas deal available on regular debit cards.

Before we proceed, it is worth noticing that a crypto card can either be used with a retailer who accepts regular debit cards or facilitates a supported token (e.g. BTC, ETH, ZOOM, etc.).

Let’s explore a couple of offers and see how you can use them.


Whenever we talk about online shopping, Amazon is the prime option due to its extensive feasibility and a considerably wide range of products. Apart from offering Christmas deals, they also have mega discounts on year-end deals.

Just to clue you in, here is a short list of products/categories that you can buy (tends to vary):

  1.     Birthday presents
  2.     Full home makeover (e.g. curtains, pillows, sheets, etc.)
  3.     Music
  4.     Electronics
  5.     Pet supplies
  6.     Apparel
  7.     Games, and much more!

It is also worth noting that Amazon entertains an after-Christmas sale as well, although the discounts are lowered as compared with the ‘real’ sale.

Since Amazon happens to be the giant of the e-commerce industry, its payment options are no less than any competitor and this allows crypto card users to order pretty much every product in any deal.

Moreover, since they have either free or discounted shipping for most of the locations in the US (and some other parts of the World as well), you have a chance of saving more!


Nothing beats an Apple product in terms of innovation, sleekness, durability and of course, quality.

While Apple is usually considered an expensive brand (and comparatively, it is), they have an ongoing sale where users can buy certified refurbished Apple watches. The best part is that they offer a massive discount of up to $110 per product and accept debit cards as well. Thus, allowing crypto card users to avail this offer without any hassle.

Simply visit the official website and select a product. Once it is added to the cart, you only have to select the debit card as your payment option and instead of entering your regular VISA or Mastercard details, use the credentials mentioned on your CoinZoom’s crypto card.

Although Apple products are available on plenty of other online stores as well, it is best to go for the official website, particularly when it comes to buying a certified refurbished product.

 Gift Cards

Since December is not only about Christmas and we have a couple of other events as well, the use of gift cards has become quite popular in the last couple of years. Therefore, several brands, including Starbucks, Google Play, Lowe’s and Target are offering massive discounts this season (i.e. up to 30%).

Just to set the perspective here, a gift card is basically a ‘goodwill gesture’ that you can purchase and share with someone else (let’s say, your girlfriend). Therefore, when she shops on a particular store, she won’t have to pay a dime and the balance will be deducted from the denomination of the respective gift card.

Fortunately, most of the brands allow their customers to print a customized message on the card, thus elevating the experience to a whole new level.


Well, even though Black Friday has passed, some ‘mega deals’ are still not over yet due to Christmas. While most of the renowned tech brands are waiting to get closer to the big day, Microsoft has already stepped in by offering huge discounts to help you bag the best and most affordable products.

It is worth noticing that their Christmas discounts are not confined to outdated devices but apply to the latest ones as well, like Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3. Just imagine buying one of these products for roughly $250 less than the original price tag!

Since Microsoft entertains debit cards for online purchases, all crypto card users with the required balance in their wallets have the liberty to avail this offer!

If you plan to buy any of these products, please note that the prices may fall as the calendar closes up, but even if you plan to buy right now, the discount is pretty good for a pre-Christmas.

 Cheapair and Travala

Traveling happens to be a popular option when it comes to Christmas deals and while businesses are eager to increase their sales, customers are always looking forward to affordable traveling options with families and friends.

This is where Cheapair and Travala offer their services as they do not only accept payments in regular debit cards but allow the customers to pay upfront in cryptocurrencies as well. Therefore, if you have CoinZoom’s crypto card, you can benefit from both options.

Just to clue you in, they collectively provide more than 2,000,000 accommodations across the Globe and Travala claims to offer the best prices in the industry despite extending one of the most advanced and feature-rich platforms.


Like every season, 2019’s Christmas deals are also booming on the internet and the public is going crazy about the flashy products! But this time, it is worth noticing that with the boom of crypto cards, the number of buyers is expected to surge.

Apart from the fact that these cards provide great feasibility for online shopping, possessing them also entitles the bearer to receive several other perks, such as:

  •       Interest-based earning with a very decent rate
  •       Efficient money transfers
  •       Staking rewards
  •       Debit roundups – allowing cardholders to receive ‘indirect’ discounts
  •       Portfolio diversification with AirDrops


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