BEX500 Exchange launches 1000 BTC giveaway from October

By Guest Author
Published October 21, 2019 Updated December 10, 2019
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BEX500 Exchange launches 1000 BTC giveaway from October

By Guest Author
Published October 21, 2019 Updated December 10, 2019

BEX500, established in late 2018, is a Bitcoin trading platform specializing in bitcoin margin trading with leverage up to 200x. Clients from over 100 countries have witnessed rapid growth in 2019.

To celebrate its 24H trading volume at a new high, BEX500 exchange launches a whopping 1000 BTC giveaway starting in October. Deposit 1 BTC, it will be 2 BTC in your account with 1BTC credited immediately!

  1. Why is leveraged Trading so popular?

Trading with high leverage can be very lucrative. Rather than simply buying or selling bitcoin for fiat money and betting on its price going up, One of the most outstanding benefits of leveraged trading is that they provide a simple way for traders to enter either a long or a short position and make a profit by correctly predicting that a cryptocurrency will rise or drop in price.

When trading in 100x leverage, you can reach 100% profit when BTC price moves only by 1% in the right direction.

  1. Why BEX500 stand out?

BEX500 offers all features a trader can expect on a leveraged trading platform.

  • Easy registration with no KYC required: A strong believer in anonymity, BEX500 needs no KYC. Only an email address is needed which ensures a registration in less than 30 seconds.
  • Traditional 100x leverage and Creative 200x leverage Products: BEX500, like BITMEX, is one of the few exchanges that offers up to 100x leverage, which enables you to trade at one HUNDRED TIMES on your investment. When the risk goes higher with the leverage, it can be balanced with proper position management.
    BEX500 gives its VIP traders tutorial classes and personal investment advisor. 100x leverage perpetual contract might be more suitable for experienced traders to hedge their risks when new-comers might be better off with their 200x leverage Double Contract. An automatic stop-loss & take-profit (when your profit doubles) will be triggered in Double Contract.
  • Lowest and Reasonable Commission in the market: When many exchanges set their commission at nearly 0.1% for each trade, BEX500 requires Only 0.05% . Trade fees will not cut into your profits. We listed comparison as below
Taker 0.0750% 0.1% 0.06% (with other  fixed rate) 0.05%
Maker -0.0250% 0.05% -0.025% 0.05%

A negative fee means that the trader will receive a rebate.

  • No slippage and Infinite Liquidity from suppliers: Do not want to place your order with one price but executed it at another?
    BEX500 puts these days behind your back with its infinite liquidity. The price requested, is the one executed for your trade. BEX500 features ZERO slippage.
  • Opening Opposing Deals at the same time: On BEX500, you can open trades on the same trading pair for both buying and selling at the same time, an efficient way to hedge risks.
  • Lightning-Fast Executed Speed: Traders are amazed at the lightning-fast speed in BEX500 which guarantees the swift transaction.
  • User-friendly Interface: Unlike BITMEX, BEX500 tends to familiarize users with its understandable trading widget. Traders find it easy to operate even to new-comer and elderly, not to mention an experienced one.

To excel is to exceed. BEX500 has been striving to exceed in every level that matters to traders.

Either new-comer or experienced trader, if you are looking for an intuitively understandable interface, with professional cryptocurrency derivatives, BEX500 is a trust-worthy alternative to BITMEX. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a free demo mode that allows traders to put the platform through its paces without risk. 

Sign up now and join Bex500 bonus program to get profits.

 Join our Bonus Activity to Earn a 100% withdrawableBTC bonus.

Deposit BTC or USDT in your Bex500 Account, you may maximum earn a 100% BTC bonus. Unlike normal bonus programs in the market that provide the digital bonus only exist in users’ accounts only and unable to withdraw, Bex500 bonus program provides a withdrawable bonus to all users. The Bonus in Bex500 can also cover the loss of your position. Come and get your first Bex500 Bonus.

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