Bexplus Bitcoin Exchange: A Great Trading Platform for Both Beginners and Experts

By Casper Brown
Published August 23, 2019 Updated August 23, 2019
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Bexplus Bitcoin Exchange: A Great Trading Platform for Both Beginners and Experts

By Casper Brown
Published August 23, 2019 Updated August 23, 2019

Experienced traders are always looking for platforms that offer high leverage. That’s because they understand the massive value leverage gets you whether you trade Forex, stocks, CFDs, or Bitcoin. Speaking of Bitcoin, there’s a new crypto exchange offering up to 100x leverage to traders.

Named Bexplus, the mobile-friendly trading platform is one of the first crypto exchanges to provide such a high amount of leverage to crypto traders. It’s available on the web or as an app you can install on your iOS or Android device.

What’s more, it supports 23 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Malay, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish and Arabic.

Bexplus Bitcoin Exchange—Overview

Bexplus’ primary mission is to provide cryptocurrency futures trading and to improve customer experiences in all aspects. To achieve that, the company is armed with a team of senior blockchain architects and experienced Wall Street financial traders. It also features offices in all major continents to improve its relationship with investors more effectively.


It’s a secure platform thanks to the use of high standard encryption techniques, anti-DDoS, multi-signature cold wallets, and a distributed server. On the other hand, it’s built for effortless navigation to enable both beginners and experts trade efficiently.  But is it worth it?

Bexplus boasts of the following features:

  • 100% Welcome bonus: the crypto exchange matches your first deposit to the platform 100%. If you deposit 1BTC, you get one extra Bitcoin. If you top up 10BTC, you get ten additional Bitcoins so that you trade with 20BTC.
  • A trading simulator to help beginners learn how to trade efficiently
  • You can deposit crypto and earn interest annually
  • A user-friendly mobile app fitted with all the useful features present on the website
  • Quick deposit options for both Fiat and altcoin payments

The trading platform also features other benefits that make it stand out amongst its peers. Below are some of them:

  • 100x leverage: massive leverage for traders is Bexplus’ biggest selling point. While many crypto trading websites limit leverage to 10 times or 20 times, Bexplus allows investors to magnify their profits immensely with its enormous leverage.
  • Top-level security: Bexplus uses a combination of premium security techniques to keep its platform secured and to keep traders’ crypto safe from hackers. With the addition of multi-signatures and cold wallets, it is unlikely outsiders would compromise the market exchange.
  • Long and short trading: the exchange allows you to open trades on whether Bitcoin gains or loses value. That way, you make profits during bullish and bear markets. You can also use leverage and utilize stop-loss or take-profit tools with either trade.
  • Referral Program: if you persuade your friends to join the exchange, Bexplus awards you a percentage of the amount your friend deposited. Of course, they must register using the link you provided them with for you to acquire the referral bonus.

Trading on Bexplus: A Trader-Friendly Platform with useful tools

Bexplus features a neat exchange that displays price movements using candlesticks. Creating an account is as simple as providing your email address and setting a strong password. You’re then required to provide a verification code sent to your email address.

After that, the next step is to top up your account with Bitcoin. Your account balance is displayed on the bottom right section of the exchange. You can also view your trading margin, your bonus and account net worth in the same area.

Bexplus does not charge spread fees, which is another plus for the growing exchange. For the uninitiated, spreads refers to the fees brokers charge to offer their services. On Bexplus, you have the opportunity to maximize profits without paying hefty fees to the exchange.

Advanced Trading Features

As we mentioned above, Bexplus uses green and red colored candlesticks to display price movements on its exchange. However, you can change the settings so that the exchange uses lines, bar graphs, hollow candles, or Heikin Ashi candles.

Besides price displays, the exchange features an indicator’s category. You use it to view the day’s accumulative swing index, the average true range or the moving average. It’s also useful for checking the balance of power, Aroon, directional indexes, and accumulators versus distribution.

Buy Up or Sell Down

If the above features sound too complicated for you, there’s a more straightforward way to trade on Bexplus. The ‘buy up’ and ‘sell down’ icons on the right section allows you to make a trade on the platform even if you’re a beginner.

Buy up refers to trades that matched a seller’s asking price. For example, if you want to ensure you purchase the exact amount of Bitcoin advertised, you can buy. That way, your trades are also completed faster.

On the other hand, to sell down refers to accepting a specific bidding price. If you want to sell an altcoin and someone bids an amount you’re comfortable with, accepting their offer means you’ve sold down.

With the two features, all you should do is research to know which altcoins to trade. You can also automate your trades with take-profit and stop-loss limits. But you don’t need to learn the advanced features of crypto trading.

Trading Rules

Bexplus has several simple trading rules. First, it accepts Bitcoin for deposits. It also processes withdrawals using the same coin. But as we mentioned, there’s a Changelly integration feature that allows you to deposit BTC from your altcoin or FIAT wallet.

BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, and LTC are the website’s main trading pairs, though.  But when trading, coins are paired against USDT.

When it comes to trading limits and fees, here’s how Bexplus charges traders:

Trading Pairs Min Trading Volume Fees per trade
BTC/USDT 0.1 BTC 0.075%
ETH/USDT 1 ETH 0.151%
LTC/USDT 10 LTC 0.193%
EOS/USDT 100 EOS 0.195%
XRP/USDT 1000 XRP 0.195%
Overnight Financing 0.1%

Overnight financing refers to the charge you pay to keep a trade with leverage at night. You only pay the 0.1% fee if you don’t close a trade by 0.00 GMT that day. Of course, Bexplus offers its services 24/7, but overnight financing is a standard fee in most exchanges.

The trading exchange also has another policy in which its system closes all trades when they accumulate 85% profit. On the contrary, it clears your account if you lose your entire balance so that you’re not left with a negative balance.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

The simulator may show you how regular trading works. But if you have questions about Bexplus, its altcoins and the trading platform, head to the User Center part of its website. There’s an extensive resource page structured in a question and answers manner. It guides on all the essential services offered on the platform.

It’s well-organized so that you can navigate to the FAQ section, learn about banking, or offer feedback to the website easily. The site also features an encyclopedia that talks about nearly all crucial issues related to crypto exchanges.

To Conclude

Bexplus is a fast-growing crypto exchange that could help amplify your profits dramatically through its 100x leverage. But it’s much more than that. The web-based and mobile-friendly trading is secure and loaded with useful trading tools. It’s easy to use and includes a simulator to show beginners how to trade.

If you need assistance, the company promises helpful customer support round-the-clock. But before then, you could use its resources to learn how to deposit and complete trades. Its encyclopedia also comes handy for those who are learning to trade for the first time.


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