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Cloudbet is proud to be home to some of the biggest bitcoin casino winners of all time. Here are some of their stories.

  • The Troll Hunter tho won 216 BTC
  • Lucky 87 BTC strike at the Lightning Roulette
  • Life-changing 53 BTC at Live Roulette

A big casino win can forever change a life. A single spin on a slot or at the roulette table, or that one card being drawn at just the right time can perhaps lead to a new house, quality time with the family or even early retirement. And before you say it, yes, it can lead to a lambo, too.

That also holds true when it comes to bitcoin casinos – perhaps even more so, as bitcoin’s price fluctuations can mean the amount you win can increase even more in price with time. And Cloudbet’s bitcoin casino has seen some of the biggest winners of all time – as if you needed even more reasons for choosing Cloudbet!

And due to Cloudbet having some of the highest limits amongst bitcoin casinos, our doors are open to all types of players, from small-time to high-rollers. In fact, in many of our slots, you can start with as little as 0.00005 BTC per spin. And the best part is, you get to try them for free, so you can get familiar with each game before you put any money in.

And, as our history shows, sometimes you don’t need to stake high to earn high, and even a small amount can lead to vast riches. These are the stories of some of the lucky players who have taken home life-changing amounts.

Troll Hunting Thrills

Trolling took on a whole different meaning for one lucky bitcoin slots player here at Cloudbet. And even though you could say she was hunting for Trolls while online, it’s not the same kind you find on Reddit and Twitter.



Hunting Trolls made profitable

 While betting on our Nordic legend-based slot game Troll Hunters in March 2017, the player placed a wager of a mere 0.16 BTC, and as luck had it, in a single spin, got back a life-changing 160 BTC from her boldness. That feat alone represents 1000% over her initial bet.

Most people would have been more than happy to call it a day and cash out, but not this player. She didn’t stop there, and this confidence was handsomely rewarded. In a short period of time, she went on to scoop 56 BTC more adding up to a grand total of 216 BTC in a single play session, bringing the overall profits to 1340%.

At bitcoin’s all-time high, this jackpot was worth about $4.1 million. That’s more than enough for a couple of lambo, and then some. Considering the starting wager was worth about $200 at the time it was placed, that’s not bad at all.

Go practice your Troll hunting skills for free on Cloudbet Casino, or try any other of the hundreds of slot games we offer.

Big Luck strikes at the Lightning Roulette

Not many people would actually think that being struck by lightning could be a good thing. However, that can’t be said about one particularly fortunate Cloudbet player, who in November 2018 found out that being struck by lightning can be a uniquely rewarding experience.



Lightning Roulette: electrifying

 That is, if the strike happens to take place in Cloudbet’s Lightning Roulette table, just in case you were thinking of flying a kite during a storm (don’t do that).

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, or so the saying goes. But that is definitely not the case in Cloudbet’s Lightning Roulette. In every round, one number is randomly struck by lightning, and that number’s payouts receive a multiplier that ranges from 50x to 500x.

This electrifying event has led to the player getting an incredible 49.22 BTC from a single spin of the roulette, as that particular bolt was loaded with the biggest possible multiplier, which increased her humble wager 500x to nearly 50 BTC.

Again, luck favors the brave, and whereas most people would have simply called it quits and enjoyed the rest of the decade off, her perseverance paid off big time.

In a session that lasted little more than one hour in total, and even without further such electrical aids, the player nearly doubled that amount, walking away with 87 BTC and, we presume, feeling quite energized with over the equivalent to over $550,000 in profits in the time’s exchange rate.

If you’re ready to get struck by one of these bolts of luck, there’s no need to go storm-hunting; just head to Cloudbet’s Live Casino, where you’ll find Lightning Roulette and tonnes more high-voltage casino games.

Life-changing Live Roulette

Although it certainly helps, you don’t need to rely on a single stroke of luck in order to become a big winner. Even though luck is the single biggest component in a casino, devising and following a gaming strategy can help increase your chances of winning.



Live Roulette, live dealers

Even without the added benefits of multipliers or jackpots, one player went on to get nearly 53 BTC on a life-changing winning streak on Cloudbet’s Live Roulette. This player in particular took advantage of Cloudbet’s high betting limits to amass what was then worth around $340,000.

To keep such a streak going, though, is no mean feat. Besides an incredible amount of luck, it requires a particular mindset, a strong resolve, and preferably an intimate knowledge of the game. Of course, a strategy that hedges against losses and knowing when to stop are also much welcome.

You can learn more about betting strategies and a myriad casino games on the Cloudbet Blog.

There’s nothing quite like it: blood pumping fast, the feeling of exhilaration and a rush unlike any other as every piece of the puzzle falls perfectly into place and the slow realization that from then on, your life will never be the same.

All these players are probably amongst the biggest-ever bitcoin casino winners, and Cloudbet takes pride in giving everyone a shot at becoming the next. Like them, you can find yourself taking home a life-changing prize, and one step closer to your dreams.

Plus, we don’t even need to mention that our games are just fun to play, so join now and enjoy the thrills of Cloudbet’s bitcoin casino.


The original version of the article was published by Cloudbet and is part is part of the Cloudbet Blog’s series on big-picture blockchain stories. For more in-depth discussions on all things crypto, tune into our In the Cloud section and follow us on Twitter.


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