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Bitamp – The Future of Open Source Wallet

Bitcoin wallet which allows you to send and receive Bitcoin instantly on the blockchain. All while remaining in complete control of your seed and private keys

The digital cryptocurrencies have seen a lot of growth in a fairly short time. Bitcoin, specifically, is one of those cryptocurrencies that have seen impressive action since its establishment back in 2009. Bitcoin has had a quite volatile trading history, making it one of the most popular and traded cryptocurrency. It is also widely accepted as a mode of payment by many companies that sell their services and products online. 

Today, you can conveniently buy and sell Bitcoins online by creating a wallet with a firm you trust. One such firm is Bitamp– an open-source bitcoin wallet that enables you to securely send and receive bitcoins in your wallet. At a time when cyber theft is staggeringly high, you need to be assured of your safety when carrying out any type of business over the internet. If you are looking for a web-based site where you can send or receive bitcoins from any part of the globe, Bitamp is the ideal option. 

Safeguarding Your Security and Privacy

Having a trustworthy and reliable platform that allows people to securely and conveniently manage their cryptocurrencies is immensely important. Bitamp aims to be exactly that and much more. If you are reading about Bitamp for the first time, you are probably wondering what it is. Well, it is an open source and easy to use bitcoin wallet that enables users to store as well as carry out cryptocurrency transactions in a secure manner using any device.

Available as a web-based wallet, this client-side wallet ensures you are in complete control of your funds, privacy and private keys. Being an open-source wallet, you can easily verify the claims that Bitamp makes regarding your security and privacy. What’s even better is that Bitamp is free, with its developments funded by donations. The product operates under a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license.

Considering the steady rise of consumer internet, many people may have fears that their information may be compromised when interacting with different consumer apps. The likelihood is, you are no exception. With Bitamp, such worries are eliminated since as stated, you have full control of your bitcoin. All operations are done locally in your browser using JavaScript. On top of this, your private keys and seeds will never be shared, stored or even saved. This, no doubt, assures you of your security and privacy.

Anonymous and Instant

You probably can’t recall the number of times you wished you could carry out online transactions as an anonymous user. If you are among those people who appreciate anonymity, Bitamp is for you! Since the bitcoin wallet does not require your information during registration or when sending or receiving bitcoins, you are able to maintain anonymity. Besides this, your keys, IP address, and browser details are never stored at any given time, making it possible to transact as an anonymous user.

The process of sending or receiving bitcoins with Bitamp is instant. Hence, even when you urgently need to pay for a service or a product using bitcoin, you can conveniently do so from your browser. How about being able to send or receive bitcoin from any part of the world any time, any day? This is exactly what Bitamp delivers in that you can send or receive the cryptocurrency globally without restrictions.

Creating a Bitamp Account

The process is easy and will take you less than 10 seconds to create a wallet. You have to first ensure you are on their official website. On the upper right, you will see a tab written ‘Create Account.’ Click it. A 12-word seed will be generated and to proceed to log in, you have to retype or copy this seed on the blank space written ‘seed confirmation’ to access your account. Ensure you save this seed somewhere as you will need every time you want to log into your account. 

Since the wallet does not store your login details, there is no way you can recover the seed in case you can’t remember it. To ensure you don’t lose it, paste it in a folder you trust. While this may sound like much work, it is the only way that Bitamp can ensure you have full control of your wallet. Bitamp also allows you to run multiple accounts on their platform as well as access the site through a VPN orTOR. Most importantly, you can load your seeds from other wallets including Ledger, Electrum, Trezor, Exodus, Mycelium and so forth. To create an account, click here.

More Than a Bitcoin Wallet

Apart from the wallet interface, Bitamp comes with basic primers on different topics. Users can find a lot of useful information about bitcoin on this website. For instance, if you would like to familiarise yourself on topics such as hardware wallets, block explorers, buy bitcoin and spend bitcoin, you can conveniently do so by clicking each topic under the resources heading at the bottom of the home page or simply click on the links given above.


You will be redirected to a page with comprehensive information. Probably, one of the most exciting resources here is about bitcoin mining. It is a field that has piqued many people’s interest. If you are among those interested in mining this valuable cryptocurrency or just need to learn how it is done, click the ‘Bitcoin Mining’ topic. Everything you need to know is explained in detail.

Full Control of Your Wallet

Even though mobile wallets are many, users may sometimes miss the simplicity of a web-based wallet which provides anonymity and safety on the go. Bitamp is one such web-based bitcoin wallets launched to respond to this need. The experts behind the creation of this wallet have done an excellent job in delivering a product that is easy to use, even to beginners. With Bitamp you have full control of their private keys and you are never required to provide your personal details during registration. 

With this, you never have to worry about losing your data to third parties who can compromise it. Bitamp also allows you to send or receive bitcoins from any part of the world without installing a mobile application. And, you get to do it on your preferred device. If you are looking for a wallet where you can self-custody your bitcoin in a secure and private manner, Bitamp is the way to go. 

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