Bitcoin would bottom out at $2500 in January 2019, betting $41000 by early 2023 says Bobby Lee

Tabassum Bitcoin News December 8, 2018

Bobby Lee

Bitcoin would bottom out at $2500 in January 2019, betting $41000 by early 2023 says Bobby Lee

While many analysts predicted bitcoin price in late 2017 that its value would go beyond $25000 by end 2018, Bobee lee calculated its value in late 2018 and predicted to fall at the bottom of $2500. A co-founder and board member of BTCC Chinese crypto exchange, Bobby Lee predicts the price of Bitcoin in near future. His latest tweet states that he believes, if history repeats itself, the price of Bitcoin will reach the bottom of $2500 in next month 2019. He continued talking about the next rally which bitcoin price would join and states that it should peak out to $333000 in Dec 2021 and $41000 in Jan 2023.

$17000 in 2017 and $3457 in 2018

At press time, Bitcoin is valued $3457.61 with the market cap $60,205,284,187 which was, however, trading with $17802.90 on the same day a year ago.

Since late 2017, Bitcoin is struggling with the lowest price and finally led analysts to predict the nethermost value. Following his tweet, the major crypto enthusiast, Tommy Mustache responded the reason behind the crash and said: “Bitcoin has 9 lives”. He claimed that

However, the latest prediction of Bobby Lee comes in follow up to his earlier tweet where he asked people about their opinion by creating a poll on twitter. He explained that the Bitcoin’s price of $1200 in December is dropped down to $150 in January 2015 and opened a poll,

Imminent Bottom or Meteoric Rise?

In contrast to lowest value prediction of Bobby Lee, yet another most prominent analyst and the co-founder of Fundstrat bets on a high volume of Bitcoin and believes that “bearish market needs patience”.

He said that;

“I think people need to be patient. But I think one of the most important things that we advise our clients is that crypto as an investment should really be 1 to 2% of their allocation, so that number one, they’re not worrying about it every day. But also, that 2% can become 50% in a decade. It can grow dramatically,”

What do you think? whose prediction seems more practical – Bobby Lee or Tom Lee?

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