Bitcoin [BTC] Bull Max Keizer Literally Tears a $10 Bill – Here’s Why

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published July 2, 2019 Updated July 2, 2019
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Bitcoin Conference 2019, San Francisco

Bitcoin [BTC] Bull Max Keizer Literally Tears a $10 Bill – Here’s Why

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published July 2, 2019 Updated July 2, 2019

Apart from the price action, Facebook’s Libra and G20 declarations, the next most important highlight from the last week was the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in San Francisco. Crypto-Journalist, Ran Neuner interviewed several Bitcoin proponents about their targets and the analysis of current markets.


Anthony Pompliano, the co-Founder of Morgan Creek Digital Asset and Max Keizer, from the Keizer Report, held onto the $100,000 prediction on Bitcoin. Moreover, Max Keizer was highly enthusiastic about the current market, so much so, that he literally tore a $10 bill into shreds. Watch here:

The hyper-active demonstration was however backed by his reason. He said,

Libra is the stocking horse, it going to destroy FIAT and put the spotlight on Bitcoin, and Bitcoin becomes higher and higher…

As Gold is also making strides again, Keizer emphasized that Bitcoin is making “hard money fashionable again.”

Is an Altseason Due?

Erik Voorhees, the founder, and CEO of Shapeshift had a more realistic opinion in contrary to other Bitcoin proponents. According to him, Bitcoin is a speculative asset where these bullish and bearish cycles will become an integral part of it.

“Markets are great at making fools of people even those of us who are like very entrenched in the industry.”

Nevertheless, he also emphasized that the building process around it continues to grow which will drive global adoption. Furthermore, Voorhees is one of the few crypto-traders at the moment who feels that altcoin run will be back as well. He said,

“The whole asset class (crypto-asset) moves roughly together”

Privacy and Globalization

The event was further enhanced by an exclusive live interview with Edward Snowden, the world’s most famous whistleblower. In 2013, Edward Snowden used Bitcoins to use the servers by which he was able to transfer the NSA data to the media. Edward Snowden received a standing ovation from the crowd. He said,

“To me this is the most interesting thing about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is free money. And I don’t mean that because the price is rising.”

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He emphasized on its permissionless characteristics and freedom of financial control. Max Keizer’s enthusiasm was not only aimed at a bull run but also hinted on the fundamental change that is required in the global economy. He said,

“Bitcoin is like a disease… Once you buy one you get into it you cannot stop because it takes over your thinking in a way.”

Do you think Bitcoin is just a speculative asset or it is more than that? Please share your views with us. 

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