Fixes its Webpage as the Lawsuit Gains Steam

By Stan Peterson
Published May 1, 2018 Updated May 1, 2018
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bitcoin cash
bitcoin cash Fixes its Webpage as the Lawsuit Gains Steam

By Stan Peterson
Published May 1, 2018 Updated May 1, 2018

The fraud lawsuit against and its CEO and Founder Roger Ver is gaining steam as more than 1000 members are now part of the Telegram group. Amidst this, has fixed its webpage and changed Bitcoin option that represented Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin Cash.

Now, Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash, rightfully so!

Roger Ver founded has finally made changes to its Webpage. Bitcoin Cash, which used to be shown as Bitcoin is now fixed and rightfully depicted as Bitcoin Cash. The change came amidst the lawsuit reports sought by Bitcoin users against and its CEO Roger Ver for defrauding the investors.

bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Users felt the website was misleading them into buying the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) when they wanted to buy Bitcoin (BTC) instead. Reportedly, it also resulted in the loss of money as investors send their BCH funds to their BTC address thinking they held BTC. This led to the formation of a group called “ lawsuit/victims” that is seeking the legal help against the website.

However, the website has yet to change the name of Bitcoin which is shown on the website as Bitcoin Core. One hardly ever gets to see Bitcoin Core for Bitcoin which can also mislead the users and investors, especially the newer ones.

Now, before the lawsuit has even gone to the court, the website has been already fixed which is a victory for the people seeking the lawsuit.

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Lawsuit gathers steam as over 1000 members join the group

The lawsuit is only gaining the steam as over 1000 people have joined the dedicated Telegram group. In less than a week, 1,150 people have come together that also includes some big names like Richard heart, Charlie Shrem, and Alistair Milne among others.

Meanwhile, Charlie Lee called the lawsuit “stupid” but then retracted on his comment and encouraged the members to carry on after learning of the U-turn made by

The lawsuit is currently in its final stages of gathering the legal assistance and as soon as the lawsuits are filed, the details regarding the legal firms involved and legal documents will be released.

Do you think will soon change Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin as well? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!



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