Roger Ver Strikes Back at “Dropgold” Proponents, Says Bitcoin is Digital Fool’s Gold

Published May 4, 2019 | Updated May 4, 2019

Roger ver

Roger Ver Strikes Back at “Dropgold” Proponents, Says Bitcoin is Digital Fool’s Gold

Founder of and renowned Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver has fired back at those proposing the Dropgold campaign. in a tweet, Ver said, “Bitcoin with intentionally full blocks is digital fool’s gold.” He was speaking of the major issue with Bitcoin which has been the block size and the number of transactions it can process.

Roger Ver
Source: Twitter

Roger Ver and the anti Bitcoin campaign

Roger Ver has been a strong opponent of Bitcoin whose team he was part of since the Bitcoin Cash hard fork separated from the number one cryptocurrency. Ver’s major argument which actually caused the breaking of the Bitcoin blockchain has been the limited block size of Bitcoin which has been set at 1 MB.

This has placed a serious limitation on the Bitcoin network’s ability to scale and process more transactions. Ver has often compared Bitcoin with BCH in terms of the number of transactions, speed and cost of the transaction, all of which he claims score higher points with BCH than with Bitcoin.

The Dropgold campaign

Bitcoin has been growing really fast and so has the market. Indeed, gold which has been the main store of value for centuries is starting to lose patronage to Bitcoin as suggested by Google search trends. This has stirred the Dropgold campaign which has gone viral. Obviously, Ver doesn’t think Bitcoin should be considered the new gold, he probably would rather have BCH.

Gold vs bitcoin
Source: Google Trends

Although Ver’s argument has some elements of truth, it has not actually affected Bitcoin’s popularity or acceptance. With the growing market and the massive adoption Bitcoin is getting, it may indeed become the next gold in the nearest future.

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