Tron [TRX] did a Great Job of Building Community and Attracting Developers: Bitcoin Foundation Chairman

By Anjali Tyagi
Published January 23, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019
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Tron [TRX] did a Great Job of Building Community and Attracting Developers: Bitcoin Foundation Chairman

By Anjali Tyagi
Published January 23, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019

Brock Pierce, Bitcoin Foundation’s Chairman and co-founder of the EOS Alliance praises Tron for its efforts that are “required for a blockchain to be successful,” while Tron achieved big numbers in terms of increased transactions, accounts, and Dapps.

Tron Surpasses 200 Million in 38 Days after the First 100M


Recently, Tron had its niTROn Summit 2019 where they made a lot of promises and claims to its community. Marcu Zhao, the head of the Tron public chain declared that Tron, “will listen to the community to achieve the decentralization of developing team and attract more developers to join us.”

In the meantime, Tron made a lot of development as Tron enthusiast Misha Leaderman took to Twitter to share,

“TRON has reached 6,000,000 Block Height. Two days after the hugely successful niTROn Summit, TRX has: surpassed 1,5 million accounts, 163 DApps at dapp review, outperformed all other top 10 coins, announced BitTorrent BTT Airdrop plan, and announced BitTorrent speed.”

Blockchain and Fintech Analyst, Gordon also shared another milestone that Tron achieved in terms of 200 million transactions.

“TRON just surpassed 200 Million Transactions. The first 100M took 173 days. The second 100M took just 38 days! That is 455.26% faster than the first 100M. Absolutely incredible! Congratulations to Justin Sun and the entire TRON Community.”

Ethereum’s Scalability Issues & Tron’s “Great Job”

While Tron is making a lot of noise in the crypto space, Brock Pierce, the current Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of the EOS Alliance responded to “Thoughts on #TRON as a contender” with,

“Tron has done a great job of building community and attracting developers. Those are two of the most important attributes required for a blockchain to be successful.”

Peirce’s praise of Tron’s marketing efforts came after talked about Ethereum’s scalability issues in a recent chat with CryptoTrader Ran NeuNer,

“If Ethereum does not solve the scaling this year then there will be a problem. The market is not going to wait for them to catch up, especially with all the generation 3 blockchains coming up. EOS is currently the number two chain in terms of developers with a lot of runway. It also helps in having the most advancement form of solving scalability issues.”

Pierce also spoke about the fall of Mt. Gox and the effect it has now on the market, “The fall of Mt.Gox incurred massive reputation damage and the feeling that it propagated throughout the industry was crazy. People thought that since Mt.Gox got hacked, Bitcoin must be unsafe too. We need to create safer and better practices in the field.”

Just like the majority of the crypto experts, Pierce believes this year is going to be about Buidl and though he stated that he “rarely make predictions,” he shares by the end of this year, “we will see apps built on the blockchain that will have a million users.”

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