Bitcoin Long Orders on Bitfinex Slumps 40% in January, as Futures Market Project more Volatility

Nivesh Rustgi Bitcoin News PublishedJanuary 16, 2020 | ModifiedJanuary 16, 2020

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Bitcoin Long Orders on Bitfinex Slumps 40% in January, as Futures Market Project more Volatility

The futures and derivatives market on Bitcoin is witnessing drastic changes since the beginning of the year. While the volume and open interest has increased across all platforms with the increase in price. There are a few alarming signals for the bulls as well.

The long interest at BitFinex has dropped by 38.2% from 47,500 to below $30,000 contracts in only a fortnight.

The closing of contracts with the rise is price is indicating the profit taking or closing of the orders at par prices placed during November and December.

btcusd long roders
BTC/USD Long Orders on Bitfinex (TradingView)

The difference between long and short orders had reached an ATH in December above 43,500 contracts. Currently, the difference has dropped by more than 20k contracts since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, it is still higher than it was around the peak of the 2017 bull run.

btcusd diff long short
BTC/USD Difference between Long and Short orders (TradingView)

Other Crypto Derivatives Exchanges

While the long interest at Bifinex is high, the majority of volume is at Binance, BitMEX, Huobi and Okex. Moreover, the bullish sentiments in the market over-all seems to be intact with BitMEX funding rate shooting positive since 14th January.

bitmex funding and premium rate
BitMEX Funding and Premium Rate (TradingView)

On Okex, the Open Interest (OI) has increased since the past few days. However, the BTC basis which was consistently around $10-20 since the past couple of months has dropped below $5.

The Open Interest at CME is increased by 3 folds since the beginning of the year, with Bakkt projecting similar rise. The launch of Options market at these exchanges seems to injecting volatility in the market as well.

bitcoin open interest volume
Bitcoin Futures Open Interest and Volume at CME (Soure: Skew)

On Huobi, the Open Interest shot up by 50% in the past two days. The elite trader position is in the favor of bulls at 52% vs. 47%. However, the number of traders are predominantly short with a ratio of 1.4.

The massive shifts and introduction of new products in the derivatives market suggest that the volatility is expected to remain high in the near future. The weekly closing to CME contracts is also due tomorrow.

Do you think markets will continue bullish trends in the new paradigm? Please share your views with us. 

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