Bitcoin gambling becomes a child’s play with FortuneJack’s Bitcoin Dice

By Guest Author
Published January 4, 2019 Updated January 4, 2019
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Bitcoin gambling becomes a child’s play with FortuneJack’s Bitcoin Dice

By Guest Author
Published January 4, 2019 Updated January 4, 2019

Online gambling doesn’t have a very long history since it first took off and with time it has picked up tremendous growth. The key drivers to this growth have been the trust, security, user friendliness and fairness that some key players in the industry have been able to bring in. And now, with cryptocurrency, the base is ready for vertical growth. With time, the gambling industry has provided a variety of products and games to the millennial, but the excitement, that betting on rolling dice brings in, is still palpable.


Cryptocurrency transformers Dice Gambling to Bitcoin Dice

As cryptocurrency is changing the face of a lot of industry, gambling hasn’t stayed untouched as well. The advent of cryptocurrency into online gambling industry has bought in more anonymity, safety, and security to the payments. Also being on the blockchain, the fairness of the game just increased as the result that is recorded is tamperproof.

While a lot of players have tried and tested cryptocurrency for major games and products in the gambling business, the most enjoyable still remains the Dice. FortuneJack bitcoin dice was one of the first Dice game introduced in Crypto gaming.

Introducing FortuneJack Bitcoin Dice

FortuneJack is one of the oldest and most popular online gambling and casino sites. The site has received a lot of reviews for its Bitcoin dice because it offers the easiest and user-friendly interface to play. Also, the chances of winning are higher among its competitors as the Bitcoin dice game here has a house edge of 1%.  There are some clear standout features that Fortune Jack has over other competitors, which is what makes it one of the best Bitcoin Dice sites.

User-friendly interface and operations

Exploring through FortuneJack Website is easy because of its user-friendly interface, as all the needed information is just a click away. The website also has live support that makes working around the interface easier for newbies thus enriching their experience as well. A website does provide a mobile interface as well so that Bitcoin Dice and other games could be enjoyed on the move.

The user needs to follow the registration process on FortuneJack, even before one can play a free version of Bitcoin Dice. But signup process is hassle-free because the information required is just username, password, email, and country of origin.

Altcoin support

Another standout feature of FortuneJack is that users can use most of the leading altcoins. It allows users to roll the dice using Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Z Cash, and Dash.

Betting with Bitcoin Dice

Despite the fact, thatFortuneJack Dice is an easier way to gamble your cryptocurrencies, it is very challenging.  One can make a fortune if a viable strategy is implemented. Some of the strategies that make Bitcoin dice an amazing game to make a fortune are :

  • Paroli- One of the simplest Bitcoin Dice strategies. In Paroli, the player doubles its next bet after a win. If the player loses the bet or wins three times consecutively, he will reset the bet amount. This strategy is a perfect fit for low-risk gamblers.
  • Martiangle- The exact opposite of Paroli, where the player progressively multiples his bet after every loss and returns to original bet after every win. The strategy of doubling the loss is done to win back the lost amount in the previous This method is risky as a streak of losing may end eroding the player’s monies.
  • D’Alembert- This method is the more cautious approach of gambling the Bitcoin dice then the others mentioned above. In this method, the player starts off one unit and every time he loses he increases the bet by one unit. Retrospectively every time he wins he decreases the bet by the same one unit. This is a less risky and more structured way of betting

While Bitcoin dice seems to be the popular crypto gambling game, FortuneJack with all its outstanding features makes it one of the best destination to roll the dice.


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