Bitcoin or Ethereum – Which cryptocurrency to choose ?

By Stan Peterson
Published November 8, 2021 Updated November 9, 2021
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Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Bitcoin or Ethereum – Which cryptocurrency to choose ?

By Stan Peterson
Published November 8, 2021 Updated November 9, 2021

With the recent spike in crypto prices, are you among those looking to Buy Bitcoin or Buy Ether, or are you wondering how to buy ETH? Look no further if you are searching for a reliable Bitcoin Exchange in India.

With each passing day, the popularity of cryptocurrencies reaches a new high, evident from the increasing number of investors. As more and more investors understand the market dynamics, they are using the corrections to buy more of their favorite cryptocurrencies at a relatively lower price.

As is true with any asset, most users are looking for the best value they can get. Accordingly, there is a constant debate in crypto investing forums on whether to buy Ether (ETH) or buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Before we get to the answer to that question, we need to understand certain basics about both.

Understanding Bitcoin

BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency, and the one with the largest market capitalization came into existence in 2009. This grand-old coin was the first-ever cryptocurrency. As envisaged by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the idea behind this coin was to establish a decentralized currency using blockchain technology so that no single person or organization like a central bank has control over the currency. In short, Bitcoin did not have any other major end goal other than offering an alternative form of payment and store of value.

By design, there is a limited supply of Bitcoin. Accordingly, as the supply stagnates and demand rises, or even if the demand remains stagnant, the value of Bitcoin is likely to go up over time.

Understanding Ethereum or Ether

Ether is a coin from the Ethereum network. Just like BTC, ETH or Ether is also a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. However, the crucial difference lies in the idea behind the two currencies. Ethereum in itself is a technology or software platform. Other developers can use this technology to create products or solutions. As a result, Ether is a token that keeps the Ethereum network going.

Unlike BTC, Ether does not have a limited supply, mainly because it is not envisaged as a currency. Therefore, as the Ethereum network gains more prominence and becomes more mainstream, the value of Ether is likely to go up in tandem.

So, BTC or ETH – Which one to choose?

The answer to this question, like many other questions, is not in black and white. As highlighted above, both cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different and aim to solve two very different problems in the real world. However, market forces have created a situation where the two are now the top two cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Ideally, as a crypto enthusiast, you should have exposure to both, as both have a promising future. However, if you want to choose just one with your limited resources, you can choose Ether. Thus, it is not a simple contrarian choice but a value option at its current price, significantly lower than BTC.

If you are still wondering how to buy ETH? The simple answer is that you should choose a trusted crypto exchange for all of your crypto transactions to avoid any fraud.


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