Bitcoin Permabull Mike Novogratz Bets Big On Bitcoin By Calling Buffett an Old Age People

By Tabassum
Published May 9, 2019 Updated May 9, 2019
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Bitcoin Permabull Mike Novogratz Calls Warrant Buffett an Old Age People With Big Bet on BTC

Bitcoin Permabull Mike Novogratz Bets Big On Bitcoin By Calling Buffett an Old Age People

By Tabassum
Published May 9, 2019 Updated May 9, 2019

Bitcoin, the ruling cryptocurrency has recently jumped over the $6000 figure which excites the whole crypto community and especially those who famously known for BTC’s bull predictions. Mike Novogratz on the success of Bitcoin reaching $6k calls Warren Buffett an old age people who don’t understand Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Won the War of Cryptocurrencies

During Fox business interview with Liz Claman, Mike Novogratz discussed his opinion on the next move of Bitcoin and slams Buffett’s recent’ comment. As Coingape reported, Buffett’s in Berkshire’s annual meeting says Bitcoin is like a seashell or something and calls it a Gambling device. When Buffett and Charlie Munger’s insulting comments rolled out on the web during the early days of this month, Novogratz now backlashes them and says;

I think its old people that don’t like Bitcoin, told Novogratz. I don’t care what Buffett says, Bitcoin is worth $100 Billion.

He further spoke about Bitcoin’s next bull run, he sees bitcoin $10k first and the next bull run followed towards $20k by next 18 months. In his words;

Its gonna be significantly higher in six months or a year. It will get back to $10k first and then roll back to $20k and it would not surprise me 18 months from now to way back to $2000

Moreover, in his another interview with Bloomberg Media, Novogratz says ‘Bitcoin has won the war of cryptocurrencies’. In his talk on recent Binance hack and the loss of 7000 BTC, CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners LLC, Novogratz says ‘it’s not good for the whole ecosystem’. Moreover, he points out how people compare Bitcoin with Gold – this led him to point that Bitcoin is a store of value wherein other coins still on their way to find use-cases. While seeing Bitcoin trading at over $6000 against the dollar, he says;

“I feel better about Bitcoin today than I have at any time in my career,”

Beside Novogratz, Bitcoin’s kick-start of $6k figure certainly impressed the whole crypto community. At the moment, BTC is up with 3.54 percent over the past 24 hours and trading at the value $6105 against US Dollar. Nevertheless, it counts the average trading volume of $108,002,991,604 on May 09, 2019.

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What do you think the next bull-run movement of Bitcoin.? What’s your stake on Novogratz’s prediction.? Let us know in the comment below.


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