Shop on Amazon and Buy Dominos’ Pizza Through Bitcoin Becomes a Reality

Published April 22, 2019 | Updated April 22, 2019

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Shop on Amazon and Buy Dominos’ Pizza Through Bitcoin Becomes a Reality

An interesting passive application of Bitcoin payment on the Lightning Network has been enabled by crypto-payment start-up, Moon. Payments can be made on Amazon using the crypto application. Reportedly, the launch is expected to occur on Wednesday 24th April 2019 on the chrome web browser.

Nevertheless, the integration has been enabled through a browser extension and Amazon gets paid in FIAT only. Hence, Amazon has not started accepting cryptocurrency payment directly.

Moreover, Moon’s CEO, Ken Kruger said that the integration has been made possible through VISA and Mastercard partnership where they will earn part of the transaction fees equivalent to once paid via plastic cards.

Moon’s CEO also noted that,

“There’s a lot of opportunities to help solve some of those usability problems and getting people onto the lightning network, increasing adoption in that way,” Kruger said. “We’re going to engage with other folks in the lightning community to see what people are doing, what they’re working on and if there are any significant gaps. We’d love to step in and help whenever possible.”

Proposed Retailers which will Accept payments through Moon Extension

Moon browser is currently available on chrome, brave browser, and Opera. The extension is designed to make payments in They will soon roll out support for other popular retail stores like eBay, Aliexpress, Dominos’, Target, and Etsy. According to their website,

“Shop directly on via Lightning Network or from your Coinbase account with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash.”

Apart from the Lightning Network, Coinbase accounts cannot also be linked to the extension to make the payment via the Moon browser extension. 

Do you think that the payment extension will become mainstream? Please share your views with us.

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