Bitcoin Price Will Hit $5,000 At The End of Year – Investors Debate

Published October 2, 2019 | Updated October 2, 2019

Bitcoin Recovers Double Value than Oil, S&P 500, Bonds and Other Asset Classes

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $5,000 At The End of Year – Investors Debate

Bitcoin’s 20% drop the previous week has led to traders and analysts believing that the prices will drop below $US 5,000 before the end of the year. 

Was Bakkt Launch Responsible for Bitcoin Dump?

The Bakkt launch which was highly anticipated led to a huge disappointment among investors, the reason being only 72 monthly contacts were recorded on its launch. This led to a huge dumping of Bitcoin. On the other hand, rival exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange(CME) traded 220 contracts in the first hour when it launched its Bitcoin Futures in December 2017. 

Bitcoin managed to establish a yearly high of  US$13,830 in June, followed by a 40% plunge the previous week. Furthermore, the prices plummeted to  US$7,823.91, before rising to US$8,372.25 on Tuesday evening.

Stephen Innes, the Asia-Pacific market strategist for foreign exchange trading platform AXI Trader, believes that institutional investors were at play behind the recent price drop in Bitcoin. 

Moreover, he does not expect the scenario to improve any time soon. He believes that sell-off will intensify and Bitcoin will plunge to US$5,000 before Christmas

He further said that the Bitcoin price has a direct correlation with emerging-market assets. Interestingly, he believes that Bitcoin’s performance will improve as the US-China trade war or Brexit is resolved soon. As a matter of fact, through this period Bitcoin price has shown upward trends. While it remains 24% below June’s cyclical high of $13,930, it climbed back above resistance levels at $10,000. 


Nicholas Gregory, chief executive of the blockchain specialist, CommerceBlock, said he believes the turmoil caused by the Brexit debacle makes up for a strong investment case for Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin’s price has gone up as the Pound went South. He further alleged that no deal-Brexit can even trigger a major breakout for Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Fundamentals Hold High Despite Bloodbath

August of this year saw the Shanghai Composite Index lose 1.6 percent, while the Hang Seng Index dropped a larger 7.4 percent, but both indices managed to finish September in positive territory.percent

Ben Roth,  global head of trading at Kenetic Capital, a digital asset proprietary trading firm said the overall interest for Bitcoin has increased as fundamentals supporting the cryptocurrency still remain strong. 

He said, 

“The continual printing of money by global central banks and record low-interest rates in all major currencies are likely to provide a favorable tailwind for bitcoin, just as they have done for gold, silver, and other commodities,”

Will Bitcoin plummet further or see a price rise at the end of Q4? Let us know, what you think?

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