Bitcoin Sluggish at $6,510, But a Wild Swing is on the Way

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Bitcoin is being stable and inactive at $6,500 while volatility indicator shows a big swing is coming which could either be bearish or bullish. Meanwhile, Australian and New Zealand authorities are yet again alerting the public of Bitcoin & crypto scams.

Bitcoin being inactive, but bears & bulls are imminent

Bitcoin is currently silent with no action whatsoever as at the time of writing, it has been trading at $6,510. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been managing the daily trading volume of about $4.3 billion. Till now, Bitcoin’s highest level for today has been $6,528. After repeatedly testing the $6,000 level, Bitcoin is maintaining stability around the $6,500 mark.

Bitcoin 1-day price, Source: TradingView

Right now, Bitcoin is facing resistance at $6,540 against the US dollar which is a crucial stage for Bitcoin get past in order to gain momentum.

In the meantime, according to the data from the Bitcoinity, the volatility indicator has struck its lowest level for 21 months. The decrease in volatility is a positive facet that shows the leading cryptocurrency is not as much vulnerable as it has been emphasized.


Reportedly, an extended period of volatility also means a big price swing is coming and soon, which could either be bullish or bearish.  

So, if Bitcoin fails to breach the $6,540 level and rather takes a drop, we can see the price hitting the June low

Furthermore, as shared by the crypto analyst on twitter,

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Meanwhile, Australia & New Zealand authorities alerting about scams

Australia has been making progressive steps toward cryptocurrencies while continuously alerting the public about the scams happening in this space. This time Australian tax authority has put on its website a phone scam – fake tax agent alert stating:

“ATO impersonation scams reported by the community in September 2018 highlighted a new method of initiating a three-way conversation between the scammer, the victim, and another scammer impersonating the victim’s tax agent.”

With a real instance, the authorities have been trying to ensure not only the growth of this market but also taking proper actions for consumer protection.

As for in New Zealand, with “police remind people to be alert for online scams”, the general population has been alerted.

The announcement reads,

“Canterbury Police are reminding people to be vigilant of online scams and think twice before sharing private information” before further adding “the scam involved investments in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.”

A number of points like offering an extremely good return on minimal investment that seems too good to be true needs to be reported to the police.

Sagar Saxena

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