Bitcoin SV [BSV] Is 3rd Not 5th And Only Criminal Exchanges Refuse To List It: Calvin Ayre

By John Kiguru
Published February 8, 2020 Updated February 8, 2020
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Is 3rd Not 5th And Only Criminal Exchanges Refuse To List It: Calvin Ayre

By John Kiguru
Published February 8, 2020 Updated February 8, 2020

Calvin Ayre, Bitcoin SV backer, and Craig Wright supporter has made a bold statement in the last few hours. He pointed out to his followers where Bitcoin SV stands in the ranking. He has further stated that only criminal exchanges refuse to list BSV, given its utility and scale.

BSV is 3rd, Not 5th

Bitcoin SV’s native token has been on a bullish phase in 2020. In January, the digital asset rose to reach its all-time price of $340. This saw the digital asset for a short while surpassing Bitcoin Cash to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency. A pullback, however, saw it settle for fifth in the ranking.

In more recent days, there has been further developed in the project. As we reported, they launched the Genesis protocol which means now Bitcoin SV shares the same protocol as the original Bitcoin. It also means that now the blockchain has the best utility and scale of any blockchain.

Now, Calvin Ayre says:

I need to set the record straight here…#BSV is not 5th, its 3rd in the world for public blockchains that did not premine. Ripple is not a public blockchain and Eth premined. It also is the only one to scale and have utility. Only criminal exchanges are not listing.

BSV supporters have been quick to support his line of thought. Most are optimistic that Bitcoin SV prices are lagging and that the project is the greatest in the market. His claim on criminal exchanges not many are commenting on this.

Fake Satoshi

In 2019, Craig Wright proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin. This drew controversy, especially with top crypto influencers. CZ Binance was the first to respond and call for a Bitcoin SV boycott. Subsequently, Binance exchange and a number of other exchanges delisted BSV. In the hours that followed, BSV prices suffered.

This drew further controversy as it proved how much influence a few of the top leaders had on the market. Investors during this period lost billions and BSV’s future put to question.

Ever since Wright proclaimed himself the real Satoshi, he is yet to prove it. His followers including Calvin Ayre, however, continue to believe his narrative. There is an ongoing court case that could possibly put this issue to bed as Wright is expected to provide the keys to the Tulip trust holding the 1.1M BTC stored by Satoshi.


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