Bitcoin SV [BSV] Records New Volume With Over 7% Gain While Other Altcoins Still Struggle

By Tabassum
Published May 9, 2019 Updated May 9, 2019
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Brakes New Volume With Over 7 Percent Gain While Other Altcoins Still Struggle

Bitcoin SV [BSV] Records New Volume With Over 7% Gain While Other Altcoins Still Struggle

By Tabassum
Published May 9, 2019 Updated May 9, 2019

So-called controversial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin SV [BSV] is on track again. The coin surged over 7 percent within the past 24 hours. The gain popped up after Bitcoin crossed the new value of $6000 against US Dollar.

At the moment, the coin stands with a value of $56.88/USD by gaining 7.62within the past 24 hours. Being the 14th largest cryptocurrency at the time of writing, BSV counts the average trading volume $1,010,770,075.


However, to note, BSV’s major trading volume can be found at ZBG exchange which itself is marked with a double asterisk (**) by coinmarketcap. However, as defined by CMC, double asterisk market exchanges are the ones whose volume is excluded by Coinmarketcap. Nonetheless, counts $15,301,101 trading volume of BSV in pair of USDT (Tether).

Additionally, the other exchanges contributing higher to BSV trading are Huobi Global, 55 Global Markets, IDCM, BitMark, OKEx, BitForex, DragonEX, Dcoin, and others. Moreover, it is worth to note that the coin is majorly paired with USDT among the top exchanges where BSV’s trading volume is split widely.


What led BSV outgrows by over 7% today, is still out of sight but it began surging after Bitcoin touches $6000 figure. In fact, while Bitcoin enjoys 3.49 percent growth, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well follows suit. BCH is up with almost 1 percent and rally towards $300.

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BSV was once on its peak point which fell down after Binance and other exchanges pulled it off from their doors.

Nevertheless, the very first exchange that delisted BSV was Binance – and now in contrast to the surging volume of BSV, Binance’s own coin, Binance Coin (BNB) is trading at a lower rate. Within the past 24 hours, BNB is declined to $20.48 against US dollar. Along with BNB, Cosmos token (ATOM) which was recently listed by Binance is also walking back the path. ATOM at the time of writing, declined with 8.06 percent over the past 24 hours and trading at the value $4.16 percent.




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