Bitfinex Launches its Most Awaited DEX EOSfinex But Struggles to Keep it up


Bitfinex Launches its Most Awaited DEX EOSfinex But Struggles to Keep it up

Bitfinex has been striving to provide the best industry experience to its users. With the same motive, the exchange launched the beta of EOSfinex which was to bring together the scalability and speed of EOS with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise.

The first EOS based DEX is here  

It was a big day for Bitfinex. The beta of its highly anticipated, first high-performance decentralized exchange to be built on EOS.IO technology, EOSfinex was launched. With this launch, Bitfinex was to complete its vision of pushing the boundaries of market-leading services.

According to initial posts, EOSfinex was to combine the scalability and speed of EOS.IO with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise to deliver an “on chain” exchange designed to offer a fast, transparent and trustless platform for the trading of digital assets. While it was a combined effort of both, this vision has led us to EOS.IO, whose goal of processing tens of thousands of transactions per seconds, with minimal fees and confirmation times, is heavily aligned with their ambition.

Bitfinex shared the news of the EOSfinex testnet with all excitement


The launch hits the roadblock

While the beta launched seems successful, a few hours later the exchange hit a roadblock and the web server of the EOSfinex just blanked out. The same was put forward by a twitter user, Fabrizio, who chose to comment “Lol” with a screenshot of the error message that appeared on EOSfinex website.

This server collapse for EOSfinex has left the community and investors in a state of confusion with respect to the technological superiority the Bitfinex has been bragging about. Hope these glitches resolve soon as EOSfinex could change fortune for EOS and its Dapp ecosystem.

Will Bitfinex and EOS be able to put together a stronger infrastructure for EOSfinex? Do let us know your views on the same.

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