Bithoven Exchange Review- Making crypto Trading Reliable and Simple

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Bithoven exchange

Bithoven Exchange Review- Making crypto Trading Reliable and Simple

While 2018 was a rugged year for cryptocurrencies, crypto exchange vertical continued to flourish. The industry saw an influx of new crypto exchanges but not many exchanges were able to stand out. With the advent of 2019- a year that is expected to be great for cryptocurrencies- a new exchange entered the scene that promised to offer the right mix of features needed by every trader and investor to make profits trading cryptocurrencies. Yes, we are talking about Bithoven.

About Bithoven- Reliable Platform to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Bithoven is a new kid on the block in the crypto world. This nascent cryptocurrency exchange platform allows users to buy and sell altcoins and tokens quickly, safely and beneficially. The exchange, unlike many others, does not restrict or impose any limits on the number of daily withdrawals or deposits. It provides the right mix of features which include impeccable uptime, fault tolerance, and advanced functionality thus enriching the user experience while enabling him to make profits.

Key Features

  • Enhanced security: The exchange is completely encrypted ensuring the user of the complete safety and security. The exchange also provides a  2-Step Verification, also referred to as 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). This is an additional layer of protection, which is especially relevant in the context of online trading.
  • Highest Liquidity: The exchange has enough features that would attract a variety of traders and investors thus attracting most traders in the crypto space allowing the highest level of liquidity 
  • Quick Performance: The exchange is equipped with superior technology and infrastructure making the experience seamless and trading quicker. The exchange claims to provide unmatchable speed with a near zero wait for orders.
  • Full compatibility: The exchange provides required apps and interfaces which can be accessed from an operating system or device allowing users access to markets at any time and from anywhere.
  • Timely Support: The exchanges proudly boasts of its customer service and provides round the clock customer support. The exchange provides customer support via live chat and an online contact form where their response is as early as 2-3 minutes on live chat and under 8 hours via an online contact form. The company also has a comprehensive FAQ’s page that provides answers to the most common issues that most customers face.
  • Multiple coins available: The exchange provides all major coins and tokens providing a user an option to trade more than 100 altcoins from his single trading account.

What differentiates: USP’s

While the exchange has all the features that its competitors hold there are certain features that give this new exchange an upper hand. These include

Strong Team: The exchange is founded by the union of professionals from blockchain, trading, and finance who have a deep understanding of each aspect of trading cryptocurrencies allowing them to deliver a product that would tailor to the needs of every trader.

Diverse Products: The exchange understands that each user has a different requirement and plans to invest accordingly. Hence the exchange has tried to include as many cryptos as possible so it could be a one-stop location for traders and investors. Even though the exchange has a variety of products and coins to offer, the finance and cryptocurrency professionals of the exchange carefully select the coins and tokens that find a listing here.

 Unmatchable Order Technology: The exchange’s trade matching engine is based on innovative algorithms which allow traders to always strike the best deals and avoid volatility.

Advanced and Useful Tools: To give a trader hands-on experience for analysis the exchange offers multiple trading tools on offer to facilitate your trading activities. These include Candlestick charts, Instruments, Order book, and Markets overview

Trading commission: The Exchange has a fixed percentage of trading commission, which equals 0.1% from trading value. does its best to make the trading process as easy as possible and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Bithoven doge

Promo Campaign- DOGE coins for grabs

As an introductory offer, the exchange is running a promo campaign where every unique registered user has a chance to receive 100 DOGE coins. To be eligible for participation in the promo campaign, the new user has complied with the requirements included in these Terms and Conditions:

  • The user to be a newly registered single user with one account.
  • For all promo campaign participants, the withdrawal threshold for DOGE coins is available when your account balance exceeds 100 DOGE. Any amount upward the 100 DOGE threshold can be withdrawn.
  • The amount of promo DOGE coins is limited.

The exchange, even though in its early days, is ticking all the right boxes for a trader or investor to pull towards itself. The features and security of the exchange look neat and with the promo campaign, the registration on the exchange looks an enticing offer.

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