PR: Bitminer Factory: An ICO to Make Blockchain Sustainable via Renewable Energy in Crypto-Mining

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The leading crypto mining host of Italy, Bitminer Factory is opening its ICO for public sale on July 20 to further advance its idea of driving the blockchain revolution with renewable energy. With a team of highly experienced clean energy and mining experts, they already have thousands of projects and mining operations running and close to 1.5 million BMF tokens sold.

Feeding the Blockchain revolution with renewable energy

Cryptocurrency mining has been taking a toll on the resources of the world. Researchers and experts have been arguing about the environmental hazards of the mining. With the objective to use renewable energy, Bitminer Factory is coming with a mining operation field.

The idea is to make blockchain sustainable that already have the electrical infrastructure of 1.2MW, 800 P8 mining machines, and 200 ASIC machines. It is a leading cryptocurrency mining operation that is managed by a team of clean energy and mining experts.

In simple words, the team explains it as

Bitminer Factory is feeding the Blockchain Revolution, a disruption that is consuming as much electricity as countries like Peru, Israel or Portugal do, with Renewable Energy projects. Bitminer Factory is making the Blockchain sustainable by co-locating Mining Operations with Renewable Energy projects.”

The founders of Florence-based Bitminer Factory, Gabriele Angeli, and Gabriele Stampa are planning to carve a niche in the crypto mining space. Italy’s largest crypto mining host, this startup is from Angeli’s Group which have been in energy producers and constructors for the past 50 years. The pre-ICO has already been started with 18 percent discount while the ICO will start on July 21 whose whitelisting is currently going on.

An ICO to facilitate the world of crypto mining

With ICO, the company is taking the next step forward where it enables people to become a part of this project by purchasing the tokens.

The three key pillars of this project are cutting edge mining hardware in the form of custom designed GPU and ASIC miners and low-cost renewable energy which is self-generated and acquired through power purchasing agreements. The third pillar is its highly experienced team that already has over 1000 mining rigs built and operating along with more than 1000 MWp renewable plants developed and installed.

The BMF tokens that can be purchased with BTC or ETH will entitle the holder to the mining assets and services. BMF token holders further benefits in terms of low operating risk as the projects and miners are already into action, high liquidity through BuyBack Plan that allows holders to trade or sell back to Bitminer Factory and low financial risks because of large-scale mining operations.

By September end, the ICO will be completed that will achieve full deployment by the year-end. The company is also planning to develop alternative and optimal mining solutions by the first quarter and further sale campaigns by the second quarter of the next year.

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