BitTorrent Warns Users against Websites, ICOs and Airdrops Offering Fake BTT

Ponvang Bulus Altcoin News published January 29, 2019 | modified January 29, 2019


BitTorrent Warns Users against Websites, ICOs and Airdrops Offering Fake BTT

Following the successful initial sales of the BitTorrent Token (BTT) yesterday 28 January 2019, BitTorrent has warned its users against fake BTT offerings from fake Websites, ICOs and Airdrops. This was posted on the company website today 29 January. Part of the announcement read:

“The whole BitTorrent team wanted to thank you for your interest regarding our new token BitTorrent (BTT). Since its announcement on January 3rd, 2019, we registered an important number of fraudulent websites, ICOs, and airdrops offering so called BitTorrent (BTT).”

Justin Sun CEO of Tron also this morning on his Twitter page wrote with reference to this announcement saying:

We are currently taking down the fake accounts offering so-called $BTT. Read this article and be careful!”

A phenomenal sales offering

Criminals have been known to the fake good stuff. The BitTorrent presale yesterday was an amazing event that ended in just 15 minutes. That is probably the shortest time it took to finish a presale in the history of cryptocurrency.

As it is possible that some people would like to have another chance to buy the BTT, fake offerings have taken advantage of the situation to rob any unknowing buyers. BitTorrent, however, stresses that its BTT airdrop is only available on their official airdrop page and no other source. Trading of the token has been scheduled to start by 12 January.

Tron on its way up?

You may think Tron acquiring BitTorrent is one of the best things that have happened to the company. True as that may be considering the mind-blowing presale event, there is a big question as to whether Tron can manage BTT on its platform.

You will recall an ex-executive of BitTorrent saying Tron has no capacity to maintain the token. If this is true, then where will this whole event end up? Tron has been on top of its game with TRX defying the lingering bear market and surging high while other assets are falling. This can partly be associated with the BTT presale. Will it keep soaring or will it fail eventually as predicted?

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