Bittrex Adding USD Market for Siacoin (SC)

Published October 29, 2018 | Updated October 29, 2018


Bittrex Adding USD Market for Siacoin (SC)

Crypto exchange, Bittrex is adding new USD market for Siacoin (SC) today. The cryptocurrency is up by about 2 percent at $0.0072 in response to added liquidity.

New USD Market for Siacoin on Bittrex

The liquidity of the 32nd largest cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap Siacoin (SC) is further extending as Bittrex is adding a new USD market for the cryptocurrency today. The exchange announced on Twitter:


According to Coinmarketcap data, SC is listed on a number of exchanges viz. Binance, HitBTC, OKEx, Upbit, CoinEx, Poloniex, among others but not against a fiat currency.

At the time of writing, Siacoin has been trading at $0.0072 while being up by just about 2 percent in the past 24-hours. With a market cap of over $274 million, it is managing the daily trading volume of about $5 million.

Siacoin 24-hours price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap



Among the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex manages a daily trading volume of about $27 million. With about 276 number of markets, the exchange covers a wide expanse of the crypto market.


Recently, it commented on Twitter:

“On October 29 we’re launching a US dollar (USD) market for Siacoin (SC). Eligible #Bittrex accounts created before October 1 are already enabled for USD trading.”

In its official announcement in May this year, Bittrex stated, “Bittrex now supports eligible personal and corporate accounts for US Dollar (USD) trading, USD deposits, and USD withdrawals. Identity verified (personal or corporate) customers operating outside the United States or in one the following US states/territories are eligible to participate.”  

The coin is further set for its hard fork as per its official Twitter that states the hard fork will activate on October 31:


At the beginning of this month only, SC announced its hard fork citing, “Sia is forking today to reprimand the current ASIC monopoly for the damage it did to the Sia community, to make whole the supporters of Sia’s community ASIC project, and to send a clear message to all future Sia ASIC manufacturers: we will not tolerate an abusive ASIC monopoly.”

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