Blockchain Research Lab xSigma Joins Maxim Magazine to Launch– Home to Maxim’s Exclusive NFTs

By Stan Peterson
Published September 17, 2021 Updated September 25, 2021

Blockchain Research Lab xSigma Joins Maxim Magazine to Launch– Home to Maxim’s Exclusive NFTs

By Stan Peterson
Published September 17, 2021 Updated September 25, 2021

Blockchain Research Arm of ZK International, xSigma, proudly presents, an innovative new NFT marketplace launched together with notorious men’s publication Maxim Magazine. The portal will be promoted to Maxim’s vast readership across 75 countries, while Maxim’s own NFT collections are made available exclusively through the new digital asset hotspot. 

MaximNFT: Expert Engineering, Top Branding, and the Best Connections

The teams behind MaximNFT form a powerful combination, putting xSigma’s elite programming skills behind Maxim’s iconic name.

xSigma is the blockchain research arm for Chinese engineering company ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN). While formerly assisting ZK international in addressing real-world infrastructure issues, they now build their own products related to NFTs, stablecoins, and decentralized finance, and supply chain management. 

With their team of veteran developers– including former Google, Facebook, and Amazon engineers– xSigma will operate the MaximNFT platform, working to enhance its user experience and innovative trading features. This includes a unique functionality known as “NFT tokenization” which allows users to break a single NFT into smaller parts and trade it in mere fractions. This revolutionizes the concept of NFTs as we know them, turning once unique digital collectibles into divisible assets that can be shared across the entire NFT space. 

Meanwhile, connecting with over 10 million men every month and making sales across 75 countries, Maxim has been covering sports, clothes, cars, women, and the best in men’s lifestyle since 1995. The magazine’s covers feature a long list of female superstars from show business– including but not limited to Beyonce, Lana del Ray, and Jessica Alba.

Using Maxim’s recognizable brand and extensive reach over its social, digital, and print publishing outlets, Maxim will draw an active and hungry audience to the MaximNFT marketplace. They will also entice their readers to the platform through the promotion of their exclusive NFT collection, including NFTs from or based on major cultural figures including sports stars, actors, and big brands. Details on these NFTs will be announced later.

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MaximNFT Gaining Ground in a Growing Industry

MaximNFT intends to capitalize on the fast-growing popularity of Non-fungible tokens, and the future applications of this new digital merchandise in the near future. Alongside providing sports and celebrity-related NFTs, they are placing an extra special focus on gaming-themed NFTs, which they believe will revolutionize adjacent digital spaces including the AR, VR, and gaming industries. 

NFTs have been skyrocketing in popularity since the start of 2021. The first half of the year shows NFT transaction volume as high as $2.5 billion– up almost 200x from 2020’s numbers. Sales volumes this summer have been even higher topping $1.2 billion in the month of July alone. Collectors are going mad with money as they exchange pieces of seemingly mundane digital merchandise for hundreds of thousands of dollars, with their unique ownership publicly established using blockchain technology.

About xSigma

ZK International’s blockchain R&D lab, xSigma Corporation was formed by ZK International in 2018 as its blockchain development center for tackling real-world infrastructure concerns. Since then, the organization has grown into an independent blockchain R&D lab focused on a variety of blockchain technologies including stablecoins, decentralized finance, supply chain management, and NFTs. Former engineers from Google, Ripple, Facebook, and Amazon are included on the team.

About Maxim

Maxim has been a cultural leader in men’s living since 1995. Their pages are read by 10 million men across 75 countries each month, with covers featuring the hottest women in show business such as Angelina Jolie, Shakira, Megan Fox,  Beyonce, Lana del Ray, Britney Spears, and many more.

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