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We are living in a world where playing games online can make you money. In the past few years, we have also seen games that give you a chance to earn cryptocurrency, and Crypto Pop is one such game.

Crypto Pop is an addictive game that gives you a chance to earn two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Popcoin. This game is similar to the popular mobile game Candy Crush but what sets this game apart is that its developers are sharing their ad revenue with their players.

What is Crypto Pop?

Matching games have become very popular since the advent of the touch screen mobile phone. While Candy Crush is certainly the biggest matching game right now, other games of the same theme have got a stable userbase too.

Crypto Pop is also a matching game where you need to tap on two cryptocurrencies that sit next to each other. When you tap on two cryptocurrencies sitting with each other they pop and you get points.

This game was launched by Vweeter, a limited company based out of Hong Kong. It can become very addictive to its players simply because it gives the player a chance to earn cryptocurrency.

Is Crypto Pop legit or a scam?

Crypto Pop is a legit game and it does indeed pay the players in Ethereum or Popcoin which is a cryptocurrency on the Saturn network.

Unlike most reward apps which do everything in their power not to pay the user, Crypto Pop deposits the cryptocurrency in the Coinbase account instantly.

Crypto Pop has over 1M+ downloads on Google Playstore and it has 60k+ reviews. The game’s 4.0 overall rating on the Google Playstore suggests that most people who download this game tend to like it and that’s always a good sign. Hence this game is certainly not a scam.

How can one earn Ethereum playing Crypto Pop?

Crypto Pop is a mobile game that can be downloaded from the App store like any other mobile game. To play this game all you need to have is your Coinbase wallet setup.

If you don’t already have a Coinbase wallet, the game’s homepage has a button that redirects you straight to the Coinbase homepage, where you can set up your wallet easily.

You will earn points after winning each level as you play Crypto Pop. You can redeem these points in the form of Ethereum or Popcoin and they will be deposited straight to your Coinbase wallet.

Earning the points is fairly simple. You need to find out the largest groups of cryptocurrencies sitting together and pop them with a double-tap. The bigger the group of coins you pop, the more points you will get.

If you are popping a group of two coins of the same cryptocurrency, you will get 20 points. If you pop a group of three coins, you get 45 coins. And finally, if you find a group of 4 coins of the same cryptocurrency and pop them, you will get 80 points.

Accumulating points in the game are called “Coins Mined”. Your earning potential in the game depends on the number of coins you have mined. It is represented by Gwei.

1000 Gwei mined in the game will make a player 0.000001 ETH. A player will also earn a slight bonus when he pops multiple coins together. It is fair to say that earning a good amount of ETH from the game will require years of playing and thus if you want to play a game solely to make money then this is not the game for you.

Pros of Crypto Pop

  1.   This game lets players earn cryptocurrency while having a good time playing the game.
  2.   There isn’t a limit on the minimum cashout
  3.   The crypto payment is made instantly to your Coinbase account as soon as you hit the claim button.

Cons of Crypto Pop

  1.   Crypto Pop is not a game that will make you rich. The amount of cryptocurrency you can earn playing Crypto Pop for an hour is worth cents.
  2.   Another drawback of Crypto Pop is that you can only cash out your cryptocurrency once every two days.
  3.   Crypto Pop is full of advertisements. While advertisements are necessary to sustain the model of the game where players get paid, it still is irritating to see so many ads in the game.
  4.   You do get paid in Ethereum or Popcoin, whichever you like, but if you want to get paid in fiat currency then there are additional costs involved.  

Final Word

Crypto Pop is a good game if you like playing match games. It will help you pass a few hours keeping you entertained. But the game has a lot of advertisements popping up every now and then and it can kill the mood.

Advertisements are necessary for the game because they make the model of the game sustainable. Without these ads, the developers of the game cannot pay its players. But since the payment already is so microscopic, watching all these ads is not worth the hassle.

Coming to the earning potential itself, the game is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will not make you enough money. If you are one of those people who have been playing Candy Crush for years now then you might as well give a chance to Crypto Pop. Because after a few years of playing regularly you will at least get a few dollars out of the game.

Finally, this game can be really addictive not because this game is the best thing since slice of bread but because the idea that it can make a player earn ETH is addictive. And it is this idea that keeps you hooked to the game.

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