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Gaming started as a hobby, and with YouTube, Streaming, and eSports, it has evolved into a promising career. The profession is not free from problems, however. First, according to research, it requires more hours worked than a real job (average is 10), and the career ends far sooner (average retirement age is 25). Further, there’s a risk of chronic injuries due to the demanding hours worked. Some professional gamers create content for YouTube or Twitch, but these have their problems. Creating content on these platforms subjects the users to strict regulations, copyright laws, and reliance on sponsorships. All the above also require demanding, costly PCs.

That’s why earning income through gaming needed a revolution. Decentralization and crypto provide that. The merge of decentralization, gaming, and income is known as ‘play-to-earn’ (P2E), a revolutionary new form of gaming. With P2E, a user can play a game and acquire sellable tokens or assets. These assets are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and are tradeable for real currencies. The best part about P2E gaming is that it is decentralized, meaning nobody has control over a player’s income. Instead, every earning is sent directly to the player’s wallet, and that player has control over those funds.

The P2E genre is currently rough around the edges and unrefined, except for one product called K4Rally that stands tall above its competitors. K4Rally is an innovative Rally-based P2E game that utilizes two sellable tokens and many unique NFTs. The first token in the ecosystem is $K4R, the main fungible token and acts as a currency. $K4R has many utility options, including purchasing goods, cars, drivers, and staking tokens. The second token is $BRL. $BRL is a unique token that acts as a player’s experience in the game. The more you play K4Rally, the more $BRL you earn and can be used to upgrade cars and team members.

The income revolution starts with K4Rally and their NFTs. In traditional gaming, you spend money on unsellable assets that carry no value. In K4Rally, you play the game, earn NFTs, and then those NFTs work for you. The NFTs are planned out to ensure options to earn income and play. Here is an example of a user playing K4Rally. The player will enter the game for free with a training car. This training car will be statistically underpowered but offer a stepping stone to improvement and income. A user can enter competitive or solo gameplay sessions with their training car to earn $K4R tokens. Without much effort, a player will be able to use $K4R to purchase their first NFT rally car. A user could then work towards upgrading their car and driver, improving them – and their value. Competitive racing is also an option to earn the highest rewards while being the very best. A user could also try to obtain the best driver, rally team, and rally car by making consumable upgrades, $BRL, and expanding them.  

K4Rally culminates in an ecosystem built around freedom to earn and play. A user may interact with the ecosystem in several ways, focusing on progression, competition, or economics. A tangible and life-changing income is provided by leveling up, selling cars, team members, and competitive racing. Regardless of how a user interacts with K4Rally, the project’s designed to provide economic rewards to the player. In traditional gaming, a player gains nothing from playing – except practice. In K4Rally, by playing, you earn fungible tokens and NFTs. Once a player is at a sufficient level, they can start selling their NFTs to other players, lowering the entry bar while creating generous income. Players could also stake their tokens and assets in pools where they’re provided passive income.

K4Rally is accessible with its browser-based gameplay, meaning no powerful PC is required, and even an old Chromebook could run the game. With low requirements, K4Rally is ready to take the world by storm. The gameplay is thrilling, endorsed by real Rally drivers, for an authentic and lucrative experience. K4Rally is coming in Q2 of 2022 – sign up for the closed beta to earn your income playing games!

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