How Do You DAO? Benefits Of 2022 Crypto Trend In Metaverse Terms

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have recently taken the blockchain and crypto community by storm, dominating the headlines of news articles. Metaverses are trending in 2022, particularly those connected with space exploration – CoinMarketCap is even planning to hold their upcoming online conference on a virtual moonbase. We decided to study why DAOs may be of interest to tech savvy people and DeFi enthusiasts considering a Metaverse project.

Why is DAO so WOW?

Let’s first focus on what’s causing all the hype. The evolution of DAOs appears to be a logical continuation of DeFi and blockchain development. The decentralization of financial flows is based on decentralization of power and equal voting rights. DeFi fans welcome this idea, as it also provides fair access to a variety of income sources.

Blockchain has brought this model to a digital format: DAO assets are secured by smart contracts that make the organization transparent and stable. Voting and decision-making mechanisms allow members to contribute to DAOs remotely. Participants from a single country, a whole continent, or the entire globe can convene and govern an organization in a decentralized way.

Last but not the least, a DAO is a community of like-minded people who want to achieve a particular goal, but creating a one isn’t free of charge. Contributions aren’t a loan. They are literally other people’s money and remain so for the whole period of their participation. DAO contributors may invest money to promote a good cause, build a good business, or develop a promising cutting-edge decentralized project.

What is the benefit of a DAO?

We have investigated a rising Metaverse project that is planning to launch the alpha-version of a DAO mechanism to show its community what it really means to be a DAO member.

The NFT Moon Metaverse is a futuristic Create2Earn multi-blockchain universe, where all GameFi mechanics take place on the surface of the Moon. Here, users can get NFTs in the form of Moon plots, as well as various objects that can be purchased in a marketplace or created in a user-friendly editor. Businesses, media outlets, and creators of all types can also contribute to building a Web3 economy.

Besides earning income through the ownership of NFT Moon plots, the founders of the Metaverse are serious about creating a DAO community of MoonWalkers. To enter the metaverse, every participant should have a DAO Avatar – one of 5,000 NFTs that give their owners a say in managing Moonopolis, the premier and center city in the Metaverse.

The personalizable DAO Avatars grant their owners management privileges, voting rights, and access to over 10 exclusive income sources . In particular are:

  • ID Cards Sales. ID Cards are necessary to enter Moonopolis and the NFT Moon Metaverse. DAO members receive 30% income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards.
  • 5% of the royalties from reselling Avatars.
  • Creation and sale of new DAO Avatars with 40% of the income sent to the DAO, which then decides how to direct these funds.
  • Income from projects across the Metaverse. Within the city, you can come up with any type of activity or object, create a metastart-up, and scale it up in Metaverse cities outside of Moonopolis.
  • CLEVER Management. Create, Earn, Learn, Vote, Enjoy, Rule in the Metaverse. The wise management system itself creates sources of additional income.

DAO Avatar owners can also participate in sales of ID Cards before Moonopolis takes off.

How can I start in DAO?

The main reason to start now is that the entry fee is relatively low. Entering, as well as creating a DAO, is still not a well-established process, and many companies use platforms like Discord for this purpose.

NFT Moon Metaverse asks you to enter a whitelist on Discord before the official presale at a price of 0.08 ETH per DAO Avatar. The whitelisting procedure gives you the choice of three methods to join, and the founders promise the price will increase to 0.1 ETH after the 500 DAO Avatars are pre-sold. More details are available on the Moonopolis DAO’s dedicated website.

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