Bluzelle Calls for Network Validators as Swarm of Duty II Gets Underway

Casper Brown Altcoin News Publish On December 3, 2020 | Modified On December 3, 2020

Bluzelle Calls for Network Validators as Swarm of Duty II Gets Underway

Blockchain-based distributed database service Bluzelle has sent out a rallying call for network validators to take part in its incentivized testnet program. Dubbed ‘Swarm of Duty II’, the latest round of stress-tests will see developers earn rewards for successful tech implementations that extend the Bluzelle roadmap, and move it closer to a full mainnet launch.

Bluzelle Launches Swarm of Duty II

The first round of incentivized testing took place across the summer of 2020, and resulted in a notable participation rate which saw over 200 validators compete to record the highest network uptime on Bluzelle’s testnet. 

This rigorous testing by Bluzelle’s community of developers resulted in the creation of four new iterations of the testnet at the time, and also helped uncover a critical bug that was hidden in the network’s implementation of Tendermint, a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) middleware client. A total of 1.4 million BLZ – the native Bluzelle token – was awarded to the participants.

Swarm of Duty II is expected to build upon previous test initiatives, and will seek to attract more participants by offering yet more network fees and commissions for successful developments. Participants who choose to run validator nodes will be grouped into three different tiers based on their previous experience and all-round knowledge of the Bluzelle product.

Military Precision

The highest tier, dubbed ‘Special Forces’, is open for elite technologists who have a history of building blockchain applications. These participants should be familiar with Bluzelle’s inner workings, and can expect to earn more pro-rata pay for any additional work they provide.

The next tier is known as ‘The Armory’ and is designed for professional level validators who can successfully run nodes that allow token holders to delegate their stake. These validators will likewise earn fees and commissions from successful node operations.

Finally, ‘The Infantry’ tier is open to less experienced validators who wish to run nodes from an accessible cloud-based service, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. These nodes do not actively contribute to the security of the network, and so can expect to generate less rewards. However, such nodes still provide much-needed storage space for the network, and make it possible to expand the size of Bluzelle over time.

Development Drive

Specific features that Bluzelle seeks to improve with developer contributions include price consolidated data feeds for the Bluzelle Oracle. Highly desirable and commercial data feeds should be prioritized, such as financial market data, sports results, and global weather data. Rewards for the successful implementation of such features will depend on the accuracy of the data, as well as timeliness, scalability, and frequency of the feed’s updates.

Other elements the development drive will focus on include smart contract implementation, precise network monitoring tools, block explorer tools, and more. These high responsibility tasks will be carried out by ‘Special Forces’ operators specifically, and such contributors can expect to take home anywhere between $500 and $20,000 in rewards, depending on the quality of the work provided.

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