BNBSPARK.COM and what can users expect from its features

By Stan Peterson
Published January 12, 2022 Updated January 12, 2022

BNBSPARK.COM and what can users expect from its features

By Stan Peterson
Published January 12, 2022 Updated January 12, 2022

Features of BNBSPARK.COM

First Anti Whale Dapp on Binance Smart Chain with BNB and BUSD STAKING POOLS. Stake & EARN DAILY UPTO 108%.

With deposits in BNBSPARK.COM, the users can expect to earn reliable daily returns ranging 2 % , 4 % , 6% and 8% daily and capital can withdraw after 24 hours. The smart contract allows users to start with as little as 0.01 BNB , 10 BUSD


***500+ BNB got staked with in one week of launching***


BNB Smart Contract:

BUSD Smart Contract


For full Audit Report and project details:


102% in 24 hours

Minimum- 0.01 BNB , 10 BUSD

Maximum – 0.99 BNB , 499 BUSD

2% profit and 100% principal


104%  in 24 hours

Minimum – 1 BNB , 500 BUSD

MAXIMUM – 9.99 BNB , 4999 BUSD

4% profit and 100% principal


106% in 24 hours

Minimum- 10 BNB , 5000 BUSD

Maximum – 49.99 BNB , 24999 BUSD

6% profit and 100% principal


108% in 24 hours

minimum- 50 BNB , 25000 BUSD

MAXIMUM- 100 BNB , 50000 BUSD

8% profit and 100% principal


2% referral commission 

Contract Links:




 Dapp Link:

Dappradar Link:

Customer Satisfaction:

The BNBSPARK team is available on Telegram to provide service to all customers round the clock. Whether it’s a question or a complaint, they ensure it’s addressed as soon as possible.

Make Profits with BNBSPARK:

   Visit and familiarize yourself with the UI.

  •       Select your pool of choice, BNB POOL or BUSD POOL Enter the amount you’d want to deposit, select stake.’
  •       Following your investment, you’ll be presented with a referral link to share with others. Please forward this to your friends. You will get 2% percentage of the money they deposit in the smart contract.

The BNBSPARK Referral Program:

A referral link is given to the user once they have invested in the smart contract. Users who spread the word about this link to their friends will get extra rewards on each deposit their referrals make.

Single Level : 2%

BNBSPARK  Smart Contract is safe and impenetrable from all such risks, and offers a clean and uncluttered interface, making it less time-consuming to learn and use than other Dapps.

Telegram Group : 


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