British Billionaire Alan Howard Planning To Back a $1bn Crypto Venture

Dare Shonubi Blockchain News published August 30, 2019 | modified August 30, 2019

British Billionaire Alan Howard Planning To Back a $1bn Crypto Venture

As per a Financial Times’ report on Friday, Elwood Asset Management is presently working on a platform that would design portfolios of crypto funds for institutional investors. The aim of the platform is to encourage investors to invest in a group of funds that have high-quality operations in would help investors avoid financial recklessness in the burgeoning crypto sector.

According to chief executive Bin Ren,

“Losing traditional assets in the real world is hard. In the digital world, it’s very easy to lose assets — put in the wrong address for a bitcoin transfer and it’s gone forever, ”

Bin, who is also the former chief investment officer of Brevan Howard’s Systematic Investment Group, added that with diligent screening, Elwood has been able to identify up to 50 crypto hedge funds that “satisfy due diligence.”

Elwood Asset Management is owned by the billionaire trader Alan Howard. The firm manages the personal crypto assets of Howard, who is the head of the hedge fund, Brevan Howard. Elwood is an investment firm specialising in digital assets. They combine an institutional heritage in finance with a in-depth understanding of the blockchain technology to provide breakthrough digital asset management solutions for global investors.

The Venture Could Be Worth $1bn In A Short Time

According to reports, at the moment, details relating to Elwood’s new fund are not yet finalized and the mode of operation has not been made public yet. However, the platform could enable investors to add factors such as the level of risk they can manage, their expectations on returns and the liquidity terms they prefer while also calculating the potential relationships with other assets they own. The system would then customize portfolios for each of their investors to invest in. According to Bin Ren,

“I see this as a very big growth opportunity,” he told the FT, noting he expects the product could eventually manage over $1 billion in assets.

Alan Has Been in the Crypto Space For A While

Hedge fund billionaire Alan Howard made substantial personal investments in cryptocurrencies around 2017. Other partners at the hedge fund firm he co-founded, Brevan Howard Asset Management have individually made similar investments, according to people familiar with the matter, asking not to be named because the information isn’t public at the time. The investments are separate from the $9.1 billion hedge fund firm, and Brevan Howard does not trade cryptocurrencies presently.
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