PR: Call for Top ICOs: Community Vote to List on ABCC Exchange

By Guest Author
Published August 31, 2018 Updated August 31, 2018
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PR: Call for Top ICOs: Community Vote to List on ABCC Exchange

By Guest Author
Published August 31, 2018 Updated August 31, 2018

ABCC aims to provide a seamless and user-centric trading experience to users. As a young crypto exchange, ABCC has been growing rapidly in less than six months; now you can trade over 40 different cryptocurrencies on PC, mobile, and APP. Now, ABCC is working hard on bringing more premium cryptocurrencies on board.

ABCC believes in community autonomy and is calling up community power to select the trustworthy projects. The overall and long-term goal of ABCC is to facilitate proactivity in a participatory community, allowing an individual or group to take an independent initiative.

Not only does ABCC hold investors’ interests at the center of their business, but ABCC also endeavors to assist promising blockchain project teams in securing funding and gaining market recognition. With a proprietary multi-dimensional digital asset evaluation framework, ABCC is confident in building and nurturing a healthy and sustainable blockchain ecosystem where both visionary digital asset investors and ambitious project owners will be benefited.

If you have a project and are exploring options for expanding your project, ABCC is offering its free listing opportunity — ABCC now encourages their users to take the initiative in bringing more premium blockchain projects on board.

You can find below the detailed guideline to enter the Community Vote to List:

  • Step 1

Express your interest and fill up the <Application Form>. Once received your intention, ABCC will conduct a preliminary assessment based on our proprietary coin evaluation system. This is to ensure a quality standard ABCC promises to the investors.

  • Step 2

Projects that passed preliminary assessment will be included in the Candidate Project List. A customized deposit address will be assigned to each candidate project. Users who support a project can vote for it by depositing the project coin into the corresponding address.

  • Step 3

A minimum deposit amount is 0.05 ETH worth of the corresponding project Coin. The minimum deposit amount for each project denominated in the project coin will be officially confirmed when we announce the projects shortlisted for voting.
Users who deposit the minimum deposit amount will be count as one vote. Users are able to vote for multiple projects in one round, as long as they deposit project coins for each. Each user is counted at one ballot regardless of the token numbers they deposit.

  • Step 4

ABCC will count the number of valid votes and announce the result. Projects with the highest number of votes will have the opportunity to be listed on ABCC free of charge. ABCC has zero tolerance for any form of cheating and will take anti-spam measures, include but not limited to data review and sampling survey.

  • Step 5

The selected projects will be listed within a reasonable timeframe.

The projects aren’t qualified in this round will enter the next round of community voting by default or opt for exiting the voting.

ABCC welcomes all projects to apply. For details, please refer to the official announcement.

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