Cardano Based Project Ravendex Releases Demo DEX, Begins First Private Token Sale

By Stan Peterson
Published October 14, 2021 Updated October 14, 2021

Cardano Based Project Ravendex Releases Demo DEX, Begins First Private Token Sale

By Stan Peterson
Published October 14, 2021 Updated October 14, 2021

Ravendex Labs, an upcoming project on the Cardano network, has released a demo version of its first decentralized exchange. This comes as the startup begins its first private token sale, which has already led to a sale of 65M $RAVE tokens.

Ravendex Labs plans to release a fully functional decentralized exchange on the Cardano network before the end of Q4 this year. It plans to launch the platform with money generated by selling $Rave tokens to early adopters.

Ravendex Features

Ravendex differs from other Cardano network projects in that it’s a decentralized lending and borrowing platform. Investors can lend their assets to provide liquidity to the platform. And in exchange, they will earn revenue through the fees paid by borrowers.

The team at Ravendex says it plans to jam-pack their decentralized exchange with wallets, asset price displays, and price feed transaction features. Additionally, they will keep payment fees low and secure. In other words, Ravendex hopes to be the go-to financial hub on the Cardano network.

Regarding $Rave, Ravendex says there will be a maximum of 1 billion $RAVE coins. Investors will have the privilege to use their tokens on the Cardano network for staking, providing liquidity, or for voting purposes.

Early Phase Private Phase is Ongoing

Ravendex commenced the sale of $RAVE tokens to early adopters on October, 5. The startup, which hopes to sell 100 million tokens by the end of its first private sale, has already met 65% of its target.

Ravendex is selling $RAVE tokens for 0.00225 ADA per token. You can participate in the sale by following this link,  That said, the Cardano-based project plans to hold five sales in total.

Public Phase is On the Pipeline

Like many crypto projects, Ravendex has a plan to welcome public investors into its sale at some point later this year. The first public phase will feature 200M $RAVE tokens. But the tokens will cost a little bit more expensive at 0.0027 ADA per coin.

Investors who miss out on the first public sale will have another chance to buy $RAVE tokens at 0.0032 ADA per token. This stage will lead to the sale of 100M tokens. After that, there will be another sale of 100M tokens at a pricier cost of 0.0040 ADA per token.

More information about the Ravendex project can be found through this Medium link:

About Ravendex

Ravendex is a crypto project building a decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain. It has a goal to create a platform with extremely low fees and fast cross-border transactions. More importantly, it aims to have features that can provide value to people that love the Cardano network.

On the other hand, Ravendex hopes to foster a community of active investors who can vote to make decisions. They can also provide liquidity or lend coins to forge a fully-fledged decentralized exchange.

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