Cardano Price Set To Rise As Huobi Exchange Adds ADA Coin

By Casper Brown
Published April 16, 2018 Updated December 4, 2019
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ADA Coin
ADA Coin

Cardano Price Set To Rise As Huobi Exchange Adds ADA Coin

By Casper Brown
Published April 16, 2018 Updated December 4, 2019



Cardano ( ADA coin ) has risen about 12 percent in the wake of it’s listing on one of the biggest exchanges by trading volume, Huobi. According to coinmarketcap, the token is at 7th position and currently riding at $0.236030 USD.

ADA coin takes a surge of 12.03%

Cardano (ADA) has definitely made a comeback in the crypto game with its listing on one of the biggest exchanges Huobi. Huobi is the “leading global digital asset exchange” that ranks second on the coinmarketcap as per the trading volume. With over 200 cryptocurrencies listed on this exchange, Cardano’s listing on this exchange will surely give its prices a boost.

According to the official website of Huobi exchange, the deposits of ADA coin will start on April 16 while the trading will start on the next day i.e. April 17.

ADA coin

It has been a good going for Cardano this month with a steady rise in its prices. Now, with the news of Huobi exchange listing, the cryptocurrency experienced a surge of 12.03 percent that took its price to $0.236030 USD.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano also confirmed the listing of ADA coin on Huobi exchange with a tweet that has initiated a spark of enthusiasm into Cardano fans.


A few days back, Hoskinson released a blog post where he talked about upcoming upgrades inclusive of redesigning the Cardano’s architecture and one of the most anticipated releases, Shelley. Shelley is a “massive project with many workstreams and scientific dependencies” that would help in making the network more decentralized by turning over the network fully to the users.

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Altcoins on rise, cardano amongst the top gainers

For the past couple of weeks, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a lot of red with bitcoin’s price dropping down to about $6,500 level. However, recently bitcoin made a return and the entire crypto market got to see some good surges.

Right now, Cardano is among the top altcoin gainers across the major exchanges. Though the number of other altcoins like ethereum, stellar, IOTA, and NEO among others is also rising, comparatively at a much less pace.

Just like other altcoins, Cardano has its share of controversies as Hoskinson posted about the Ouroboros algorithm of Cardano and took a jab at other coins:

“To be clear, Ouroboros isn’t forced, delegated, the proof-of-stake protocol like EOS or Bitshares.”

With the altcoins making a recovery, traders are now looking for the best picks to make short-term profits which will likely to help Cardano even more.

Do you think Cardano ( ADA coin )has a much bigger surge coming soon?

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