PR: Cloudbric: The Next Generation AI-based Cybersecurity ICO Powered By the Users

By Guest Author
Published July 19, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019
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PR: Cloudbric: The Next Generation AI-based Cybersecurity ICO Powered By the Users

By Guest Author
Published July 19, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019

Cloudbric is the latest ICO on the block that is launching its blockchain-based security platform. Being an established security vendor in the marketplace, Cloudbric has an added advantage and expertise that it can utilize to further advance and decentralize its existing business. In the current cyberspace, this project can offer enhanced transparency and better security solutions.  

Established & experienced security firm goes decentralized

With the number of security solutions available in the market, it has become overwhelming for the users to make the best choice, more so because they lack the expertise to determine which one suits their needs the best. Not to mention the fact that threat intelligence data is not easily available for public consumption so that the vendor can advance its solutions.

Cloudbric is targeting these problems by creating a platform that is involving users in contributing their data through a rewards system in the form of CLB tokens. By decentralizing its data, the platform will allow the users to contribute to the security solutions. Furthermore, free endpoint and web security will be provided to the non-commercial users.

Cloudbric basically uses the reverse ICO concept that according to its team means,

“we are able to build on our preexisting website security services and technologies to tap more easily into other much-needed security solutions with expertise and know-how already on hand. Furthermore, because we are an established firm we can be trusted to lead the way in transforming the cybersecurity realm. As a result, existing customers and users of a reverse ICO solution will benefit from an increased value proposition.”

Having 30 years of expertise in cumulative information security, the team has the required experience and professionalism to advance this platform.

Incentivizing the user

Targeting its above-mentioned issues, Cloudbric is working on developing a platform that is fully transparent by leveraging blockchain technology and user-generated data to eliminate the burden of making a choice from the vast options.

According to Cloudbric team,

“Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform aimed at providing a diverse suite of artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions for all users. Cloudbric’s decentralized security will primarily focus on website security, mobile device security, and crypto asset protection. Utilizing over 20 years of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, Cloudbric aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity realm by making information security open and accessible to all by harnessing the power of blockchain.”

The Decentralized Universal Security Platform is composed of two elements, the first one is a security platform that includes malware detection, IoT security, website security and crypto asset protection among others. Comprised of user-generated threat information, the second element is the threat intelligence community.  

As for Coudbrick’s token CLB, it will be used to reward the contributors through Security Rewards Program whose purpose is to “incentivize users to participate in the active growth of Cloudbric’s deep learning security detection capabilities.” Moreover, these tokens will be needed to pay for the services, to avail discounts and purchase exclusive services.

With its KYC coming soon, Cloudbric is all ready to go public with its ICO sale in September.

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