Coinbase’s Director of Sale Talks about Why Neutrino Acquisition Was Important

Published March 4, 2019 | Updated March 4, 2019

Coinbase’s Director of Sale Talks about Why Neutrino Acquisition Was Important

Coinbase’s Neutrino Acquisition is already on set tongues wagging. Also, the controversial acquisition led many Coinbase users to delete their accounts by following a boycott on Twitter with hashtag #DeleteCoinbase.

Coinbase – We ware about Neutrino Team’s Background

However, following the debate, a Coinbase’s Christine Sandler who is company’s Director of Institutional Sales talks about Neutrino acquisition and why was it signed, given that, Coinbase had already aware about the team’s background behind Neutrino. In a recent talk with Cheddar, Sandler responded to a question that demanded her opinion on the acquisition. She says;

“We are aware of the backgrounds of some of the folks that were involved in Neutrino and we are looking into that. She further explains the compelling reason for making the acquisition was that Neutrino had some real industry leading and best-in-class technology.”

The claim that ChristineSanlder made got viral on social media – which took the debate a level up. Following the response, few crypto enthusiasts took to Twitter and angered;


Besides this, she further explains;

“It was important for us to migrate away from our current providers. They were selling client data to outside sources and it was compelling for us to get control over that and have proprietary technology that we could leverage to keep the data safe and protect our clients.”

While the interview brought into the notice of crypto enthusiasts, they began talking on privacy level at Coinbase. One such conversation states;

Furthermore, she also discussed the speculations around XRP listing at Coinbase and Coinbase Pro ahead of XRP security classification. Concerning that, she says; the listing is made out of huge demand from our client base and if at all XRP is announced as security, the company is already prepared with infrastructure in place. Addressing to the argumentative topic of XRP on Coinbase, Slander says;

“There had been a groundswell of interest in adding the asset to the platform,” she said. “There was some speculation about whether the asset would be classified as security or not — we’re not securities lawyers. We felt there were compelling arguments on either side.”

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