CoinGape Partners with Moving Crypto Social App

By Abhinav Agarwal
Published October 20, 2021 Updated October 20, 2021

CoinGape Partners with Moving Crypto Social App

By Abhinav Agarwal
Published October 20, 2021 Updated October 20, 2021

Would you love to discover the next Ethereum before its price skyrockets? Do you enjoy talking about crypto all day? We have good news for you. Here at CoinGape, we’re partnering with Moving — a cryptocurrency social app that aims to unite crypto enthusiasts on one platform.

Investing in crypto can be confusing for a lot of people. In fact, many people make countless mistakes before they become good investors. But it doesn’t have to be that way. No one needs to spend years learning technical or fundamental analysis.

Our Partnership with Moving and What it Means

We’re partnering with the Moving Crypto social app because we share the same beliefs about crypto. It’s the future of finance. However, crypto can only achieve its aim through partnerships that can help people learn about the industry and how to invest.

By joining hands with Moving, everyone wins. At CoinGape, we can share our informative investment post to the Moving social app. We can interact with influencers on the platform and lead in educating crypto fans on the app.

On the flip side, Moving will gain a media partner that can help the app soar to great lengths. They can source news and informative tips from CoinGape and use the information to reach a wider audience through their app.

For these reasons, we can’t wait to discover what we achieve together!

About CoinGape

CoinGape is a leading crypto news website dedicated to inform, educate and inspire everyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. We’re a fully-fledged crypto information center, delivering news and price analysis about bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain projects.

At CoinGape, you can also keep up with the prices of the top cryptocurrencies, learn about new crypto concepts, project reviews and invest with the help of expert picks.


About Moving App

Put simply, Moving is a content curation app for crypto lovers. For the uninitiated, content curation involves sourcing valuable blog posts, tweets, video clips, and audio bites from different sources and distributing this content on one platform.

In other words, a content curation app is like a museum. It looks for the best pieces of work and displays them where you can easily consume and share them with your friends. That said, Moving is a social app with a difference.


A Social App for Crypto Investors

Moving isn’t just a news company that curates the best content for crypto fans. It’s also a social app—like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The only difference is that Moving has designed its app with crypto fans in mind.

That’s good news. Gone are the days for posting crypto posts and not receiving feedback because your Facebook and Twitter followers aren’t into crypto. With Moving, you get a chance to target your messages to the right audience.

Think of what you could achieve when you have millions of crypto fans ready to consume your content. If you’re a technical analysis expert, you could become an influencer. And thanks to the Moving token, you can get paid for your content.

Track Coins and Create Portfolios

Moving holds a premium in helping crypto fans become financially successful. To achieve that goal, it has a tool for tracking top cryptocurrencies. What’s more, it allows its users to favorite specific coins, add them to a watchlist or their portfolios.

In other words, Moving shares a mission with us here at CoinGape, which is a major reason for this partnership. They believe in empowering crypto enthusiasts to unlock their financial dreams. We believe in influencing people in a way that can help them make the right investment decisions.

Social Trade on The Moving App

Social trading is a concept that allows inexperienced investors to follow the investment decisions made by the more experienced traders. On many trading platforms, copy trading is an expensive service. Additionally, it’s rarely offered to crypto investors.

Moving App plans to facilitate social investing to people that love Bitcoin and Altcoins. And thanks to our partnership with them, you’ll soon also have a chance to take advantage of this service.

To be clear, Moving App is a new startup. As a result, it hasn’t rolled out its terms for engaging in its social trading service. All the same, this is a service with great potential—a feature that could also help build tremendous value for its in-house token.

Disclaimer The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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